Error codes

All Apifonica Client error codes are five-digit integers beginning with 100xx.


Error text

Description Solution


Internal Server Error

The Apifonica API encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling your request.

This generally indicates an error in the server handling logic or a timeout in the API.

It is not a client-side problem.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Please contact our support team, if the error persists.


Bad request

The request could not be understood by the Apifonica server due to malformed syntax.

Please check the brackets and quotes in your request.


HTTP protocol violation

Server misconfiguration.

Network disruption.

Making HTTP connections to an HTTPS port.

Verify your web server is serving valid HTTP for the URL.

Verify the network connection to your server is stable.

Verify the URL is not directing you to an SSL port.



The request was a valid request, but the server is refusing to respond it. Unlike a 10010 Unauthorized response, authentication will not change anything.

You don’t have necessary permissions for the resource. For example, you request an account (subaccount) that belongs to another Apifonica subscriber, or you request an existing number, message or other resource that is not yours.



The requested resource has been deleted from the server and will not be available again

You address to a deleted subaccount

You request the phone number that you have released (stopped renting).


Method Not Allowed

The resource you try to access is valid, but the HTTP request method you use is not supported for this resource.

For example, you cannot use PUT on a read-only resource like call or message history. Also, you cannot DELETE your main (master) account (but you can DELETE subaccounts).

For more information on the methods allowed for each resource, see the Apifonica API Reference.


Not Acceptable

The Apifonica server is not able to satisfy any of the media types in your request Accept header.

1.    Find out the response (content type) returned by Apifonica.

2.    Provide this content type in your request Accept header.


Not Found

Specified resource instance (message, number, account, subaccount) does not exist.

Check that the valid resource instance SID is being passed in the request.


Internal Server Error



Too Many Requests

You have sent too many concurrent requests in a given amount of time.

Please wait for a little and retry the request, and consider updating your code to generate fewer concurrent requests to the Apifonica API.

Do not hesitate to contact Apifonica support for advice.





Unsupported Media Type

The media format of the requested data is not supported by the Apifonica server, so the server is rejecting the request.

The Apifonica server is not able to process the Content-Type header of your request.


Validation error. Please enter valid parameter values. Parameter:

The provided parameter value is invalid.

The parameter value is missing.

The provided parameter value has the wrong format.

The provided parameter value is not allowed.

For more information on the methods allowed for each resource, see the Apifonica API Reference.


Conflict. Number Already Locked

The number you are trying to rent is already rented by someone else. For example, it’s been a while since you got available numbers list and that list is not up to date.

Make sure you try to rent a number returned by the Get list of sip numbers available for rent or the Get list of available numbers for specified country request


Selected number is not available



Not enough money



Not enough money



Email has already been taken



Account cannot be identified



Current number doesn't support selected operation