What You Need To Start

This article describes essential steps to perform before making your first request to APIFONICA.

STEP 1 — Register at

Become a subscriber to use APIFONICA services. It’s free.


STEP 2 — Bind your application with your subscriber’s account.

Expose us to your app and get a unique application id and a secret key that are used when that app makes requests to APIFONICA services.

You can register as many applications as you need.

Register applications 

Note You can also register applications by using APIFONICA API.

STEP 3 — Top up your account.

Receive a SIP phone number for free. Put some money to your balance to be able to purchase local numbers and use other our services at reasonable prices.

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What You Can Do Next

Add more applications

If you are developing several applications, for example, for different platforms, add them all to your subscriber’s account.

Manage your phone numbers

View the list of phone number you can operate with.

Purchase more numbers from your subscriber’s account on this web site or from within the application.

View call history / track phone numbers usage

Retrieve the call history for any number you own.

Track and recharge your account balance

APIFONICA charges your subscriber’s account on the pay as you go basis, plus a monthly fee for the national numbers.

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