Creating conference calls

Apifonica provides you the possibility to make conference calls on the fly. Imagine the situation when your manager speaks with customer or prospect and needs to clarify important details about the product. Making an inquiry to the corresponding department substantially slows down the process and may lead to losing the client for good.

But with Apifonica you can quickly turn your 2-way call (simple call) into a conference call on a subject that requires immediate attention, adding another person to an ongoing call and have a multi- way conversation with your customer to address their request.

Step 1. Prerequisites

1. Register at and create an Apifonica account, if you have not done so already.

2. Rent an Apifonica voice-enabled phone number to be used for calling.

You can find instructions on registering Apifonica accounts and renting numbers here.

Step 2. Creating files and applications

1. Create a simple XML file and upload the created XML to your server.

2. Create an application and associate the XML file you have created with it.

Detailed instructions on creating XML files and applications can be found here.

Step 3. Making the callback with 3rd participant

1. Making the callback using Console (Make voice call):

  • make the POST request to /accounts/{accountSID}/calls
  • "from" parameter is a number rented from Apifonica
  • "to" parameter is a number which receives the call (leg 1)
  • Call_app_sid” parameter is Application SID of created application in which a link to XML file is set up (leg 2)

2. After that the call is connected between the manager and the customer.

3. If the manager understands that he can’t solve the customer issue, he can add another participant (supervisor) to an existing call making the POST request to /accounts/{accountSID}/calls/{callSID}/participants, where {callSID} is the call_sid of the active call initiated in the paragraph 1.

4. Now the standard call is transferred to a conference and supervisor can help the manager to solve the customer’s problem. In the same way, you can add subsequent participants to that active call.

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