The game has changed: protect your business and customers with SMS Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Due to the serious influx in digital crime, industries require more secure verification modes than username and password alone. The strongest protection for your business is 2FA

Enhance security of websites, mobile apps and SaaS products

Secure your services

Our 2FA solution (also known as 2-step verification) safeguards apps and online services from malicious attack, fraud and data loss.

Protect your users

Even strong passwords are hackable. SMS Two-Factor Authentication provides a second layer of control to eliminate unauthorised account access.

Better customer satisfaction

Show you care by ensuring the safety of the data shared by your customers with your app or online service.

How SMS 2FA works


Two-factor - 1st step of verification

The user enters their username and password into a login form then awaits an SMS delivered to their smartphone.


Passcode delivery

The Apifonica platform works its magic and automatically sends a text message with a randomly generated passcode to the user's mobile device.


Two-factor - 2nd step of verification

The user inputs the passcode to complete the transaction, which is then verified by the company’s system.

Why your business prefer Two Factor Authentication from Apifonica


One-time SMS passcodes for 2FA are sent via mobile network as a second decentralised channel to ensure account access is secure.

No dedicated token needed

No additional device or software is required for mobile 2FA: a one-time code is sent by SMS to the user's personal mobile device.

Easy to implement

Mobile Two-factor authentication can be easily added to any web service or software application using the Apifonica Platform.

Incredibly Affordable

Apifonica's clear pay-per-message pricing model and low rates are as good as it gets.

These sectors are delighted with Apifonica’s auto SMS 2FA verification

Fintech services

Forbes says: more than 25% of all malware attacks hit banks and other financial services organisations, more than any other industry, and there were huge year-on-year increases in the numbers of compromised credit cards (212%), in credential leaks (129%) and in malicious apps (102%).

E-commerce & E-service

Online retail sales in 2018 hit $3,000,000,000,000 (trillions). Just 15% of that amount was reached by offline retail sales (res: Internet Retailer). The future will see even more e-commerce and e-service companies go digital. And when they do, there will be an even greater need for the security that 2FA provides.

Why choose Apifonica?

Proven expertise

Solutions for all marketplaces and major platforms including European and Russian classified services and marketplaces.


Direct connection to 120 carrier networks worldwide results in the highest quality routes at the lowest prices

Unrivalled support

Dedicated project team providing 360 degree responsiveness and 24/7 availability.

Full GDPR compliance

Apifonica have fully implemented the EU's General Data Protection Regulations

4 easy steps to success with Apifonica Two Factor Authentication

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Step 4

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