SMS API & social messaging API

Send, receive, and track messages via SMS & social channels directly from your software

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Powerful business messaging features available from the cloud via APi

Multi-channel messaging

Add SMS & social messaging capabilities to your software product using simple HTTP requests

Single API for top messaging channels

Engage, support, and resolve via SMS, Telegram, Facebook Messenger*, WhatsApp*, and Viber*

Cross-channel messaging workflows

Introduce automated messaging workflows, where undelivered and unread messages get automatically redirected to alternative channels

Message history & logs

Automatically log conversations across all channels and get logs attached to contacts within your software, for a 360-degree view of interaction history with every customer

Two-way connectivity

Send messages and receive responses seamlessly within your software interface

Tracking & reports

Retrieve message metadata (timestamp, message status, price etc.) and deliver accurate, detailed reports that help to spot the best performing channels and techniques Apifonica's REST API

Premium SMS channels

3 classes of SMS service to choose from, with up to 100% guaranteed delivery rate

Worldwide reach

Reach any person in the world over carrier networks or social channels

*Coming soon



Apifonica pricing is per-usage based. No upfront costs or licensing fees, you only pay for what you use

Beta than free: public beta offer

Some features are currently available in public beta. Once added to the beta access program, you will be able to use this features for free until the expiration of the beta period

Committed-use discounts

Contact us for special discounts when you commit to usage

  Monthly recurring fee Outbound per message Inbound per message
Phone number
Starting from
Not applicable
Not applicable
free in betain Public Beta
later €0.005
Facebook Messenger
free soon
free soon
free soon
VAT not included

Why Apifonica



No upfront cost or licensing fees: Apifonica’s messaging prices are per-message based, you pay for what you use, and nothing more


All inbound for free, forever

Unlike the competition, Apifonica doesn’t charge for incoming social messages, SMS, and voice calls


One API to rule them all

Combine voice calls, SMS, and social messengers to build the omnichannel customer experience everyone is buzzing about