Returns & Cancellations Policy

Version N1 as of August 01, 2016

This document "Returns & Cancellations Policy", is agreed between Smarttel Plus Oü, having its registered office at J. Vilmsi str 47, Tallinn Estonia, hereafter referred to as "APIFONICA", and the Party identified in the associated Registration Form, hereafter referred to as the "Customer". The "Customer" is required to provide the necessary identification, as specified in the Registration Form on the APIFONICA website

1. If the Customer decides to refuse from the APIFONICA Services, APIFONICA returns the Customer retained funds on the Customer’s cash balance. The request for money return should be sent in the form of a scanned copy of the official letter signed by the Customer the APIFONICA support service

2. Money transfer is provided within 30 (thirty) calendar days, on the basis of the official letter signed by the Customer and sent to our support service excluding transfer, conversion and bank expenses or any obligatory payments spent by APIFONICA within such transfer. Before cancelling the Service (or parts of Services), we recommend that you have it set up and functioning elsewhere before making your request. If you have any activities or emails associated with our Services, they will become nonfunctional and all your data will be deleted.

3. Due to the nature of some of our Services we do not offer any returns or refunds after purchase. It is very important to check the list of such Services before you process the order.

4. This Returns & Cancellations Policy is an integral part of APIFONICA TERMS OF SERVICE. In case of any discrepancies the terms of APIFONICA TERMS OF SERVICE shall prevail. If you have any questions regarding the above Returns & Cancellations Policy feel free to contact us .

Smarttel Plus Oü

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