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Join us in automation of communication for HR, sales and customer support teams.
Our customisable platform fits any needs: from basic automation of voice/text notifications to
complex funnel optimisation with AI-powered voicebot and smart reporting.

Become a Gold Partner
Gain 1 more revenue stream with rights to promote and
sell our fully customisable platform for automation of
communication in HR, sales, customer support.
revenue Share
3 months
discount to speed up sales
Sales &
  • 25% of revenue from new leads converting into clients (only new leads count)
  • Discount on our product for the first 3 months to warm up your audience and speed up sales
  • Sales & marketing kit, education
  • Help with creating clients’ success stories (just like this one)
  • Coverage of our successful partnership in our social media and blog
  • Help with partner success stories (e.i. coverage of success partner’s managers reach selling our platform)
  • Featuring our partner on our website as official Apifonica partner
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We check your UI & API to integrate Apifonica into your end-users workflows in the best way.

Gold Partnership
How to benefit from offering Apifonica's Voicebots to your clients? There are a few things our partners do on their own and together with us to get maximum benefit from partnership:
Become an active promoter of automation with us

Meet Our Partners

Our partners span the globe and represent a diverse range of organisations and businesses. We work together to help
businesses with smart automation of communication with their clients and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other forms of partnership?

Yes, we also offer a simpler collaboration format with 0% revenue where you just place our product on your marketplace. This format fits marketplaces which are not ready for proactive sales and promo activities, yet still would like their clients to have access to our highly-demanded solution. This is the Silver Partnership. Click here to apply.

What are the conditions of the Silver Partnership?

>Conditions are rather simple:
We take care of the technical integration
You add our solution and its description to your marketplace website
You give us access to your clients’ database so that we can inform them about this new opportunity
Become our partner and boost your revenue with top-notch solutions for communication automation.