Receive message{accountSID}/messages


To receive an incoming SMS you need to set an ID of the application, that will be responsible for incoming SMS (msg_app_sid parameter), in the properties of the mobile number.
Make PUT request to /accounts/{accountSID}/numbers/{numberSID}. For more details please refer to Change number properties article.

In the controller parameter of the linked application, it is necessary to specify the URL, leading to the application on your server, that will receive the SMS.
Make POST request to /accounts/{accountSID}/applications. For more details please refer to Create application article.

When you receive an SMS to a number, Apifonica will access the URL specified in <strong>msg_app_sid</strong> and send there an object of the following type:

  "message_sid": "{messageSID}",
  "account_sid": "{accountSID}",
  "from": "35315313424",
  "to": "358942704934",
  "text": "Apifonica API provides a really cool SMS messaging service",
  "status": "received"

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