Here are a few of our advantages:

  • Low prices for calls and SMS messages.
  • Presence at all European countries.
  • Innovative technologies.

You cannot use Apifonica API without registration, but it’s quick and free to create an account and try Apifonica REST API in the sandbox which can be found on your account page.

AccountSID is used by Apifonica to identify the requesting party. Every call to Apifonica API contains an accountSID.

It can be found here in your account page.

AuthToken is your secret key used for authorizing all your requests to Apifonica.

You can find the AuthToken in your Apifonica account, hidden behind a bunch of dots. Click on these dots to reveal your AuthToken. Click on the lock icon to hide it again.

1. AccountSID cannot be changed in your account settings page.

2. To change authToken login to your Apifonica account and click API Access. Then click Change button.

Please note, that changing AuthToken may disrupt the work of your services

NumberID is used by Apifonica to identify a phone number.

For the virtual numbers, you can use the numberID and its password as SIP credentials.

The phone number credentials can be found here in your account page.

Login to your Apifonica account and change the email or password you use to sign in to

Caller ID is a telephone feature that displays a caller’s phone number on the recipient’s phone device before the call is answered.The phone number, location and associated billing or subscriber name is shown on the handset’s display or a separate caller ID box attached to the phone.

The CLID feature is particularly useful when screening known, unknown, or unwanted calls. Unwanted calls are effectively deterred with the use of caller ID, including obscene, harassing and threatening phone calls.

Sender ID is a telephone feature that displays a sender’s phone number on the recipient’s phone device when the text message is received.

SIP number (also referred to as international or virtual number) is a 15-digit endpoint identified by the 15-digit numbers starting from +883140.

They are not dedicated to a single country.

Virtual (international) numbers are treated by Apifonica REST API as conventional telephone numbers. These numbers have all the same properties as conventional phone numbers except for they use SIP protocol to connect.

The only important thing about virtual numbers is that virtual numbers cannot be called from fixed or mobile numbers.

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