Innovate your fan engagement tactics and excite your supporters

Apifonica delivers your promo messages in the form of a personal phone call from
one of the club's star players.

When Apifonica makes a big

Supporter marketing

Fan engagement

Game attendance


Direct supporter

Upgrade your supporter
marketing today
fans answer the call from Apifonica
the average conversion rate for promo campaigns
automated solution, just record a voice message with your player
10 000
calls per hour capacity

How HR Voicebot contributes to
sports marketer's success

Sports clubs

  • Strengthen the relationship between the team and the fans

  • Develop a forward-thinking image of the club

  • Drive game attendance

Supporter marketing agencies

  • Upgrade your sports marketing offering

  • Gain rewards with our partner program

  • Impress your clients with fresh and innovative fan engagement solution

Sports marketers

  • Engage new fans so they feel like a part of the team

  • Share team news, promote ticket sales

  • Create an ongoing dialogue with fans to show your appreciation

Apifonica's solutions for
other industries