Phone number masking

Protect your customers' personal phone numbers from
theft and inappropriate use

What is number
masking, and how
it works
Phone number masking hides your customer's phone numbers from prying eyes, protecting them from misuse and facilitating personal data management.
20 mln
phone numbers
1 mln
temporary numbers
direct connections
with local phone
number providers

No GDPR risks or ethical

Allow customers to communicate securely with vendors, drivers, or couriers. They'll never need to share their personal contact information.

Prevent revenue leakage

Phone number masking prevents parties from abandoning the platform and completing transactions elsewhere.

Tracking and analysis

Capture insights from your customers' interactions to improve user experience and strengthen your market positioning.

Privacy for your customer communications

Phone number masking secures privacy without interrupting communication.

Customer experience

Customers communicate freely when they know their phone numbers are protected from unwanted calls.

When can phone number masking
make a big difference?

Job sites

Classified services

International businesses, travel

Online dating, social networks

Taxi, deliveries, housekeeping & repair services

Protect your customers
from unwanted calls

Phone number masking
secures better customer experience

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