Why we created Apifonica?

Automation starts with Apifonica - fully customisable solution for automation of communication in HR, sales and customer support.
This automation is tailored to your goals as our experts analyse your workflows and find what should be optimised.
Then we customise our platform to fit your project: from basic automation of voice/text notifications
to complex solutions fully integrated with your IT system featuring AI-powered voicebot,
smart reporting and workflow automation.

year of founding
countries of
40 mln
automated conversations
per month
10 000
calls per hour

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Our core team

Apifonica is based in Tallinn, one of Europe's biggest startup hubs. We also have branches in Poland, Italy, and Latvia. We are an international group of experts in the field of conversational AI, intelligent automation and telecommunications.

Finka Heynemann
Voicebot Designer | Computational Linguist

Finka is a graduate in Polish Philology and Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Warsaw. She has more than five years of experience in the NLP area, working previously as a voice assistant developer. Passionate about linguistics and languages, she speaks Polish, German, English, and is currently learning Portuguese and Hindi.

Beata Pellegrini
Voicebot Designer

Beata is an experienced voicebot designer with a strong foundation in translation, holding a degree from the University of Warsaw. Proficient in Polish, Italian, English, and Spanish, she creates engaging scenarios that elevate interactions between humans and bots. Her enthusiasm for generative AI, combined with a sharp understanding of cutting-edge conversational design, guarantees she provides solutions that go above and beyond client aspirations.

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Traditional customer interactions are a thing of the past. Automated conversations are the future.
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