Official Membership to the Polish Chamber of Digital Economy

Anna Sopova
Success stories

We are pleased to announce that Apifonica TM ( SmartTel Plus LLC, Estonia) is now officially a member of the Polish Chamber of Digital Economy.

The Chamber connects and supports e-commerce businesses operating in the Polish market, represents interest in all relations with the government administration and promotes the adoption of digital innovation in society. With 350 members representing about 11,000 individual employees, the Chamber is a voice that is well-respected in the community.

Since 2018, Apifonica TM has empowered companies around Europe in building a stronger relationship with their customers through usage of modern communications technologies. The membership will open up doors for Apiofonica TM to new networking opportunities that allow the business to gain even greater exposure across Poland.

“We are delighted to have been accepted into the Chamber,” says Konstantin Selgitski, CEO of SmartTel Plus LLC (Apifonica TM). “The Chamber’s initiatives are very much aligned with our objective to popularise new digital technology and facilitate communication between e-businesses and consumers. This membership is also a great opportunity for us to develop our local profile and become a larger member of the business community in Poland.”

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