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Delivery & logistics

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SMS solution from Apifonica

We have a professional high-load telecom platform as the basis of our SMS products and our
messaging bot is an integral part of the platform which means you have advantages of ready-to-use
Saas and advantages of Paas at the same time. We offer 2 solutions fitting the needs of different teams

Marketing, product, biz dev
Apifonica messaging bot - is a ready-to-use SaaS product for marketing managers allowing to plan messaging communications, schedule them, evaluate potential cost of the campaign, work with your database validating it, launch campaigns on schedule or by trigger or by integration with your CRM system, and receive reports in understandable clear format.
Procurement, IT, R&D
Apifonica communication platform is a PaaS for IT-savvy users and developers allowing to get access and easily deploy all SMS features incl. inbound, outbound, etc. via simple well-described API.
SMS delivery rate
3 000
SMS per minute
sending capacity
3 000+
integrations with other
How Business Messaging Works
Apifonica goes far beyond just delivering SMS to your audience. Thanks to advanced tracking & reporting features, you can know precisely how your SMS marketing performes, and make better decisions.
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Bulk SMS sending - where is it useful?

SMS bot for marketing teams

Run goal-driven campaigns which focus on conversion:
  • Quick integration with any CRM

  • Ultimate tracking: CTR, user location, browsers, tracking by personalised link

  • All-in-one reporting allowing to connect online & offline activities

SMS bot for product teams

Increase retention and loyalty with our user-friendly messaging bot:
  • user-friendly UI & support in non-tech language

  • number validation tool to reach real people & save up to 40% of costs on non-valid contacts

  • high delivery rates

  • ultimate tracking: CTR, user location, browsers, tracking by personalised link

SMS bot for procurement teams

Save up to 50% of campaign expenses:
  • AI-based database validation; smart shortner; non-latin symbols checker and sms2call

  • Truly flexible payment conditions & calculator for full control of expenses

  • Support of "more than one supplier" policy via flexible API and no basic commitment

  • High DLR guarantees: extended delivery status report, real-time events to monitor each SMS, real tests of delivery before launch

Improve your team KPIs with SMS bot

How to build SMS campaigns effectively?

We’ll help with all tricks and pitfalls of SMS campaigns to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently:
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Benefits of mass SMS campaigns


Number validation tool saves up to 40% of costs; shortener makes links shorter (save on extra symbols); bot indicates non-latin symbols and shows the real price of the campaigns.

Ultimate tracking

URL shortener allows to track CTR; users location, language and browsers; as well as SMS status per user (delivered, previewed, read, clicked).

Top-notch reporting

Our solution provides all kinds of reports with different types of data - marketing, telecom, XLS, graphs.

Personalizacja wiadomości

Our URL shortener allows us to send personalised links to each client in mass campaigns and integration with any CRM allows us to set up highly customised and targeted campaigns.

Pricing of mass SMS campaigns

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0.183 zł
per SMS

Marketing messaging with Basic Functionality

    • Best For:
      Mass notification, engagement
    • Core Features:
      • Business Sender ID
      • Message personalization
      • Marketing reports
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    0.140 zł
    per SMS

    Advanced marketing messaging

      • Number of SMS in package. Total 700 zł per package
      • Best for:
        Mass notification, personolized engagement, customer activation, cost optimisation
      • Core Features:
        • Business Sender ID
        • Message personalization
        • Marketing reports
        • Shortener link report
        • Phone numbers health check
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