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business SMS messaging

How Business SMS works
Apifonica goes far beyond just delivering SMS to your audience. Thanks to advanced tracking & reporting features, you can know precisely how your SMS marketing performs and make better decisions.
SMS delivery rate
3 000
SMS per minute
sending capacity
3 000+
integrations with other
Robust and user-friendly interface
Designed for non-techies, Apifonica's web interface allows you to manage your business SMS campaigns easily.
Planning, launching, tracking, and analyzing the performance of your SMS campaigns is as simple as making a cup of coffee.
For developers
Implement Apifonica's Messaging API without any additional technology. Automate business SMS sending, receiving, and tracking.
Apifonica's Business SMS is integrated with top marketing automation software, including Exponea, Optimove, and Salesmanago. You can also connect it with more than 3 000 other apps through Zapier.

Where can Business SMS
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