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Apifonica provides automated solutions for fast and cost-effective communication with customers: smart voicebots, SMS, and global telephony.
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New lead
New candidate
Order confirmation
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Instantly respond to new leads from Facebook Lead Ads
Leads are a dish best served hot: the quicker you contact the lead, the more chances you have to close the deal. Apifonica's Voicebot enables you to respond to leads instantly. Once a new lead submits a Facebook Lead Ads form, Apifonica calls them on the phone and delivers an interactive voice scenario designed for your particular needs (qualification, scoring, etc.).
After setup
  • Interviews & feedback collection
  • Outbound calling campaigns & promo
  • Instant lead response & qualification
40 mln
automated conversations
per month
1.2 mln
SMS messages
delivered weekly
24 000
person-hours per year
saved for our clients
integrations with other

Know-how for your
specific industry and

To our clients, we bring the expertise and know-how gained from working with top companies worldwide. A dedicated team will support your project on every step, providing both technical help and expert advice on best practices in customer communication.

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