Connect with customers across every channel and country

Apifonica helps companies like yours build exceptional customer communications via voice, SMS and social messaging output.

Complete communications using our tailored voice and messaging solutions

Omni-channel is the trendy channel

Talk to clients via their preferred channel: phone, mobile, web or social. Pick comms channels relevant to your audience, switch between them seamlessly and curate interaction history in one place.

Augment your existing technology

Protect your investment by weaving new comms features into your existing tech suite. All Apifonica capabilities are available from the cloud via API and easy to integrate with any third party software.

Pro development assistance

Launch faster with our dedicated developer team ready to tailor the right solution for your communication challenges. With our in-house force of 100+ software pros, we swiftly deliver and support even the most complex enterprise solution.

Are your current customer comms still lacking? Together, let’s set you up for automated comms excellence

You do not need to be a great specialist in communication technologies to organize the processes of communication with your customers in the way of Robo:

Imagine that a client is calling to your clinic at 10 p.m. No one is already working because of recruiting new employees on night shifts is expensive. Our system will receive a call, communicate with the client, finds out a doctor name, day and time, and make an appointment to your CRM?


Let’s start to speak how could we integrate this challenge to your processes? We can develop and support our comms projects, we need just your idea!

Now, just watch a simple video

Discover a shortcut to omni-channel customer communication

Platform to connect with customers across channels and countries

Apifonica’s cloud-based communication platform connects you with customers worldwide via voice, SMS, Facebook, Telegram and Push messenger using a single API. Your developers may use API for additional DIY solutions or we may form a dedicated team to deliver your solution.

Distributed geographical presence for cost optimisation

Apifonica has offices in 6 countries to work more closely with clients and optimise product development costs. Our R&D capacity is concentrated in Eastern Europe, allowing us to enlist highly skilled minds at a fraction of the cost you would expect for bespoke solution development.

Custom project development for fastest roll out

For companies with tough roadmaps and limited R&D resources, we can dedicate a team of our own software & ICT professionals to develop custom solutions and integrations atop the Apifonica platform and boost time-to-market.

360 degree support to work with confidence

Work confidently with free 24/7 multilingual support via phone/email for your entire project span. Development projects are led by account directors and executed by our solution experts and programmers. Each of our 100+ engineers and developers hold permanent roles, guaranteeing your project stability and expert guidance.

Build more customer relationships with as much as 50% less effort

Service Notifications

No more traditional customer interaction methods causing disengagement and inefficiency. Automatic notifications = the future.

Social Customer Care

Social Network messaging features are available from the cloud via Apifonica API. No more manual automation implementation.

Feedback Collection

Collecting customer feedback is a key modern business process. Automate feedback collection to save time and money while championing valuable reviews.

No-show Prevention

Reminders are a simple but necessary factor in communication. Staff no longer need to send these with automation in place.

Action Alerts

Have an online business and want to control order fulfilment? Custom automation ensures you immediately receive SMS alerts.

Maintain business privacy

Use custom numbers to not disclose your customer or employee private numbers. Apifonica owns numbers all over the world to facilitate this.

Smart Callback

A useful, rare feature for online businesses. Solve conversion problems across your and client websites, increasing conversion up to 125%.

Order Status Updates

Keep customers informed of order processing with smart updates notifying the customer of all status changes.

More Specific cases

We have developed special integration offers for companies that work in certain industries and are most likely to implement them. See “Industries”.

Why choose Apifonica?

Proven expertise

Solutions for all marketplaces and major platforms including European and Russian classified services and marketplaces.


Direct connection to 120 carrier networks worldwide results in the highest quality routes at the lowest prices.

Unrivalled support

Dedicated project team providing 360 degree responsiveness and 24/7 availability.

Full GDPR compliance

Apifonica have fully implemented the EU's General Data Protection Regulations.

Prepare for Apifonica to make you say “WOW!” and hit new business heights

Wow: Marketing strategy

We run joint automation projects with companies in the field of marketing communications with customers, developing ideas with concrete results. Ask us “how?”

Wow: Sales Processes

Automation of omnichannel customer communications opens limitless chances to increase value without expanding staff or budgets. Send us your ideas and we make them your reality.

Wow: Services innovation

Remember our case example about an automated clinic appointment booking? We can develop and support such automation projects for invaluable use across many sectors.

Wow: Safety Solutions

We provide services for integrating user authentication (e.g. 2FA) into your systems. If you are a new company or company wishing to change provider, Apifonica is here to help implement such solutions.