Automated direct B2C communications
for faster, simpler business processes

Complete routine tasks 40-60% faster with automated workflows. Upgrade customer experience
and reach the maximum of your audience with our high-engagement communication scenarios.

faster business processes (Avg. after implementing)
countries of operations
monthly calls & messages
integrations for business apps and services

Find out what you can
achieve with Apifonica

Discover virtually limitless possibilities of Apifonica's automated
B2C comms platform.

Automated interviews

Automatically collect customer feedback, pre-qualify leads or conduct preliminary interviews with job applicants over the phone. Respond to inquiries instantly to boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction in marketing, HR, and customer care.

High-impact promotions

Reach maximum of your audience with automated direct communications. 98% of SMS messages get opened, 80% of phone calls get answered - quite a difference from email's 20% open rate.

Multi-channel communication

Leverage a mix of phone calls and SMS messaging to reach a wider audience and guide customers through the conversion funnel.

Global reach

We provide voice and SMS connectivity worldwide and support 150+ languages for automated communications.

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