Automated SMS & voice marketing
campaigns for the retail sector

With Apifonica's automated voice & messaging, you reach, engage, and convert
4-6 times more customers than email marketing.

When Call masking makes a big
Sales promotion
Customer relationships
Mobile marketing
Customer service
Feedback collection
Start converting 4-6 times more
customers today
average reach rate for direct marketing campaigns
conversion rate
SMS per second sending capacity
countries of usage

How automated SMS and voice help retailers grow sales

Brick and mortar stores
  • Drive foot traffic to the store with offers redeemable at the cashier
  • Promote new arrivals
  • Send personalized offers
Online retailers
  • Grow your email list: send SMS coupons in return for an opt-in message
  • Send purchase confirmations and delivery notifications
  • Get up to 125% more leads from your website with the Call-back widget
Retail chains
  • Collect customer feedback with automated surveys
  • Deliver special offers, birthday greetings, etc.
  • Drive demand in particular products

Apifonica's solutions for
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