Increase sales with personalised
and automated customer
experience via AI-Voicebot

91% of consumers are more likely to shop with a brand that remembers their
preferences and 42% are annoyed when a service lacks personalisation.

Personalise and automate all these
customer touchpoints

Apifonica Voicebot automates communication, CRM management, and reporting. It uses machine learning and natural language
processing to understand natural language and respond like a manager would.

Leads pre-qualification

Abandoned cart reminders

Order and delivery status confirmation


Promos and discounts notifications


calls per second 24/7/365
voicebot understands natural language which boost engagement
4.2 PLN
av. price of 1 lead qualified by Voicebot
languages to talk to your leads like a local
63% of marketers see the highest benefit of personalization on conversion rate increase. Boost your sales with personalisation via AI-Voicebot!

AI-Voicebot for cost-efficient sales and customer service

  • Reach out to leads and customers the minute they leave a request

  • Do mass outreach campaigns for 10000+ contacts quickly with no additional hires

  • Save time & resources automating pre-qualification of requests

  • Personalise your communication with leads and customers with no additional costs

  • Optimise sales and customer support scripts with quick & easy A/B testing

  • Shorten average waiting and handling time in customer support

  • Automate CRM management and reporting

Business Standard says your employees spend more than 3 hours a day on activities that are easily automatable. Optimize workflow with Voicebot.


How much does this solution cost?

How long does it take to implement Voicebot?

Does Apifonica provide implementation support?

Can Voicebot replace a consultant?

How does vb know how to react? And what to say?

How AI helps to understand the end user better and what machine learning has to do with it?

How does vb know how to react? And what to say

Sceptical about adopting this technology? Consider that 48% of customers already feel comfortable with interactions managed by bots.