Gain control over how your drivers
interact with customers

Protect customers' data from misuse, enhance customer experience, and shield your
business reputation with Call masking.

When Call masking makes a big
Customer experience
Personal data management
GDPR compliance

Put customer experience
under control

countries of usage
10 000
calls per hour capacity
phone numbers masked
countries where phone numbers are available
Taxi aggregators
  • Supervise communication between a driver and a passenger
  • Disable phone connection between parties once the ride is complete
  • Mask drivers' numbers to cut off competitor recruiters
Ride-hailing apps
  • Provide a temporary channel for driver-passenger communication for each ride
  • Strengthen your control over the customer journey
  • Minimize risks of "leaking" user personal data
Delivery companies
  • Protect customers from receiving unsolicited calls
  • Record conversation for quality control
  • Ensure GDPR compliance

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