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Screening in recruitment – ​​how voicebots can improve it?

Sending out CVs, stressing before the interview, ruffling feathers, impatiently waiting for an answer... probably every person active on the labor market has experienced it. However, recruitment is a ...

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In human terms about voicebots. How to communicate with the client?

How to approach the topic of voicebots? Our content manager, Agnieszka Wiącek (PhD), reveals how to approach communicating this technology. Read and find out what are the most important aspects of her...

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Sales and marketing
How to optimize costs at your company using a voicebot? An interview with Tomasz Marek

In the interview we will talk about what a voicebot is, where it is used and how it allows you to optimize costs and time, and take care of the morale of employees in companies from various industries...

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Success stories
Voicebot at Lafarge frees up recruiters’ time

Lafarge is an international construction company with its roots in France, operating for over 190 years (since 1833). Since 2015, it has been part of the LafargeHolcim group. Lafarge has been operatin...

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Bulk SMS – what does it mean and what is it useful for?

Bulk SMS is – as the name suggests – an SMS sent simultaneously to many recipients, for example to the entire customer base of a given company or to a selected part of it. Bulk SMS sending is one of t...

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10 technology trends for business in 2024

Another year has just begun and we are sure of only one thing – undoubtedly, the development of technology will have a significant impact on the economy. However, let’s try to guess what tech trends f...

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