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10 technology trends for business in 2024

Another year has just begun and we are sure of only one thing – undoubtedly, the development of technology will have a significant impact on the economy. However, let’s try to guess what tech trends f...

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Sales and marketing
How to deliver excellent customer service with a voicebot?

Customer service is one of the most important functions of every company – its quality determines whether the customer will be interested in using the organization’s services at all. What is good cust...

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How to conduct a job interview with the help of a voicebot?

Many recruiters wonder how to conduct a job interview to find the best candidates. The problem in many recruitments, especially mass ones, is the limited time to find new people to work and, at the sa...

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Artificial intelligence in business – potential and applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is, simply put, a simulation of human intelligence by machines (or more precisely, the algorithms that govern them). It once belonged to the sphere of science fiction, but...

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5 industries that benefit from voicebots

Voicebots, until recently treated as a curiosity from the world of technology, are becoming more and more popular in many different industries, solving the problem of work overload, streamlining compa...

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What is Natural Language Processing and how is it used in business?

Natural Language Processing is an increasingly hot topic in the era of growing popularity of artificial intelligence – although computational linguistics is several dozen years old. What is NLP and ho...

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