Multi-channel communications in retail is the future of industry automation

Retail brands need to organize communications with their customers. By integrating automated voice & messaging into your systems you will increase your sales, marketing, customer support and suppliers relations remarkably

How could you get success in comms with your retail business?

Personalised Experiences

Create a more personalised customer experience based on received insights from conversations with your customers in voice & text.

Inventory Management

Be aware of your inventory and order processing in real-time by using CRM based integrations. Let your providers of goods know when you are running low on inventory via automated messaging.

Secure E-Commerce Users

Securely protect sensitive data of your online customers by using our service of two-factor authentication. Apifonica don’t gather any users data.

Reduced costs 50%

Make investments to optimise ongoing processes and save up to 50% on their automation. Since human resources are no longer needed to perform many automatic functions.

Automated feature-rich tools for calls and messaging to get your customers more engaged

Calling and Messaging Campaigns

Create personalised Outbound IVR or Messaging campaigns to reach your customers with relevant information or company news

Smart Call Forwarding

No more lost business due to miscommunication or delayed responses to your customers. Automatically handle all of the incoming leads and forward them to the right people and the right locations

Call Conferences

Create conference calls between your team members easily. It can be the same building or members from a different store location. You can be sure that when important decisions arise you will be able to connect with the right people of your company for a meeting straight away

Worldwide Phone Numbers

Connect with your customers wherever they are and use their local number to do so. Customers will feel more confident picking up a phone if local phone extension is used

Website Callback Widget

WPrompt your website viewers to request a call from your operator. Once they’ve entered their phone number, Apifonica calls an operator, then calls a lead and connects both parties. The lead’s phone will ring a few seconds after the request is made. Make upto 125 more sales!

Features of Cloud Telephony and Multi-Channel Messaging


Automate call processing of your calls. Setup unique scripts to engage customers with your marketing tasks.

Phone number masking

Hide your and your customer's phone numbers for a more secure and anonymous communication.

Virtual PBX

Take your phone system to cloud and reap the benefits of improved call capabilities and reduced costs.

Mobile Notifications

Provide your customers with up-to-date information about their accounts. Also, inform customers about your business updates.

Mobile Surveys

Gain valuable insights about your retail shops and products by sending automated surveys to your existing customers.

SMS Campaigns

SMS is a unique communication form requiring no extra software and working on every device. It is a strong and under-utilised marketing channel. Proper integration of SMS into your marketing strategy will further unify customer communications and boost your ROI.

Call-Triggered CRM Actions

Our company itself was faced with the fact that it is impossible to completely control and log the human factor. A difficult problem was resolved by a simple automatic function in CRM.

Message-Triggered CRM Actions

Simple implemented scripts allow you to maximize control over certain comms functions that are so difficult to follow in real life. The automation will never tire of this process!

Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text

Our latest technologies allow you to connect your tasks with technical tools so natively that in some cases you don’t even need a living person in all the process you are setting up.

Cross-Channel Messaging Workflows

We can customize your own multi-messaging logics, which is used only in your exclusive case, using various tools or channels for notifying or verifying your customers.

Call Tracking

Seller’s phone number is replaced with a virtual phone number so Apifonica can log data including date and time, call parties, completion, duration, cost and more. Track incoming and outgoing calls for management purposes.

Built-in Call Recording

Use to record and store all phone conversations. Convert them by using Speech-To-Text for quick searches and easy management

Four reasons why to choose Apifonica


We provide company-owned communication nodes and an in-house development team

Good rates

Starting from as low as €0.002 per minute, €0.01 per SMS, and €0.9 per number

Best support

We are always around to help make your business most innovative with our services

Fully GDPR compliant

Apifonica has fully implemented the EU's General Data Protection Regulations

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