A convenient way for your website visitors to call you for free

Get started for free talk to sales



Benefits of web callback

Increased sales & conversion rates

Visitors who call are ready to buy, so letting them do so is key to upselling and boosting your conversion rate

Better customer experience

The CallBack feature connects customers with the service they need without forcing them to wait in a phone queue

Competitive advantage

Stay ahead of your competitors by providing free and convenient advice from a live representative exactly when it’s needed most

Extended sales territory

Enable out-of-town and international customers to contact your sales reps for free via the web CallBack option


How web callback works


Encourage inquiries

Visitors leave their phone number in a CallBack form on your website


Get a call

Apifonica API automatically gets ahold of your sales rep


Get connected

The sales person picks up a phone, Apifonica API instantly calls the visitor, and the two are connected



Offer a free callback

to overcome client’s last doubt and close the sale



Fast connection

Never leave anyone waiting on hold again; instead, Apifonica Voice API connects customers to an agent immediately, bypassing the IVR system

Flexible configuration & customization

Set up conditional call forwarding and build your own call handling logic


CallBack button works on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, without requiring the customer to download or install anything

Quick installation

It takes all of 10 minutes to integrate the web CallBack feature into any web page



Connection fees
phone number starting from
0.9per month
rates starting from
0.002per minute

Putting web callback to use


Banking customer service

Allow clients who need advice on banking services to reach you without waiting in a phone queue



Let your customers request a free CallBack to answer their questions about a product, delivery, payment, etc.


Food delivery services

Never miss an order when your line is busy: Apifonica API connects customers to your reps as soon as your line frees up


Booking services

Let out-of-town and international customers get your agents on the phone for free


Integration with live chat

Offer your clients an additional way of contacting you via the CallBack button


Integration with your CRM system

Capture, qualify, and assign website leads to sales agents, all from within your CRM system


Integration with Google Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing channels and find out how phone calls impact your conversion rates


Why Apifonica


Own infrastructure

Apifonica provides company-owned communication nodes, their own channels, and an in-house development team


Favorable rates

Pay-as-you-go starting from as low as €0.002 per minute, €0.01 per SMS, and €0.9 per number


Comprehensive support

We’re always around to help make your app awesome