Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Direct incoming calls to the right person automatically using Apifonica's IVR

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Benefits of IVR

Productive staff

IVR automates phone-answering routine to make sure every team is as productive as possible

Customer delight

Receive a call on the same device with data and use the context of customer’s activity to provide better service

Optimal workload

IVR can automate a significant share of incoming calls meaning fewer calls require human assistance

Sweet freedom

Get the interactive system you need without contracts or upfront fees

Simple scalability

Adding and removing features is a breeze since cloud IVR is not tied to phone hardware


How It Works


Get a virtual phone number from Apifonica's pool of numbers

Set up

Write a few lines of code to let us know your if’s and then's - how you'd like to route the call based on caller input

See performance grow

When getting a phone call, IVR will play the audio menu, gathers caller’s input, ask your server for instructions and route the call accordingly



Get incoming calls answered

and routed automatically in a few lines of code via IVR



Connection fees
phone number starting from
0.9per month
rates starting from
0.002per minute

Putting IVR to use

IVR for Customer service

Think IVR as a tireless first-line agent providing 24/7 customer service while cutting costs

IVR in Marketing

Identify a caller automatically and keep all customer information in front of your reps while they are on call, to provide more personal service and increase your reps’ productivity.

IVR for Inbound sales

Qualify, assist, and route callers automatically for sales' sake

Your case could be here

Whatever industry and occasion, Apifonica API is as flexible as it takes to help you build tailor-made solution fast and easy


Why Apifonica

a well-connected platform

We connect to 1500+ carrier networks in 200+ countries to provide the highest quality routes at the lowest prices

Favorable rates

Pay-as-you-go starting from as low as €0.002 per minute and €0.9 per number

developer-friendly Support

We're always around to help make your app even more awesome