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Which countries does Apifonica have phone numbers in and what are their capabilities?

Check out the countries where we have local and mobile phone numbers here in your account page.

What are SIP numbers? Do they belong to any country?

SIP numbers are also called virtual, or international numbers. These are 15-digit endpoints identified by numbers starting from +883140.

They are not dedicated to a single country.

Virtual (international) numbers are treated by Apifonica REST API as conventional telephone numbers. These numbers have all the same properties as conventional phone numbers except for they use SIP protocol to connect.

The only important thing about virtual numbers is that virtual numbers cannot be called from fixed or mobile numbers.

How can I search for and rent a phone number?

You can do this here in your account page.

If you have any difficulties, feel free to create a ticket at our support system.You can do this from your account page.

How can I delete (stop renting) a number ?

You can do this here in your account page, or make an HTTP request and specify the number you want to release.

Can I restore a deleted number?

Yes, within a month of deletion.

How and when do I get charged for the phone numbers I rented?

You are charged on the pay as you go basis plus a monthly fee for using the phone numbers.

Check out our tariffs.

Can I buy phone numbers with regional identity, for example German numbers?

Of course. We support a large number of European countries.

You can buy local and mobile numbers here in your account page.

In your account, you can view the full list of currently supported countries and buy available numbers right away. You can also request for the numbers in the country of your choice.