Logistics automation with voicebot

Automate your logistics and delivery processes with an intelligent voicebot that will handle up to 80% of standard customer matters.

Voice solutions in logistics

The delivery voicebot will talk to your customers and contractors as freely as a customer service consultant. Thanks to advanced NLP (natural language processing) technology, the delivery bot will understand the caller regardless of the words they use. What’s more, it will answer the phone quickly and serve your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Calls per minute 24/7/365 with the delivery bot
Voicebot understands natural language, which allows for free conversation
Languages in which the AI voicebot talks to customers

How does voicebot help in logistics automation?

Providing information about the status of shipments

A delivery voicebot will provide information and answer questions about the status of shipments, as well as send confirmation SMS messages to customers.

Supporting the planning system in the supply chain

A voicebot for delivery will let you plan deliveries to customers 24 hours a day and all year round, improving the whole process and saving time.

Forecasting demand and delivery times

Thanks to a voicebot for delivery and its advanced reporting, you can easily analyze demand and customer preferred delivery dates.

Automation of the inventory management process

Thanks to a voicebot in logistics, you can automate warehouse inventory management, which means significant improvement of this process.
Improve delivery management with AI

What operations can a delivery bot handle?

A voicebot handling deliveries will provide any information about the planned delivery to the customers and make the needed changes. An intelligent voicebot in logistics can:

Identify the customer it is talking to

Differentiate voicemail from a human

Find a shipment and check its status

Change the delivery date, form and address

Send a confirmation SMS

Complete the information in the CRM system

Check how a voicebot solves several problems at once (handles several intentions) of an angry customer and updates CRM in real time.

Why a delivery voicebot from Apifonica?

Instant contact 24/7/365

Customers and contractors who are waiting for their shipments can urgently check their status and change delivery details at any time of the day or night.

Order in documentation

The delivery voicebot can be integrated with many CRM systems and over 2,000 services such as Google ecosystem, Microsoft, Facebook, Calendly, etc.

Fast and simple implementation

Voicebot can be implemented in a few days – with editable scenario templates, speech synthesis and recognition, SMS, local number and reporting.
Automate your logistics with voicebot

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to implement a voicebot to handle deliveries and shipments?

It depends on the complexity of the voicebot – for example, a delivery bot in Polish with basic functionality can be implemented within a few days. You get editable basic templates, a built-in speech synthesis and recognition toolkit, as well as SMS, local phone number, and basic reporting. In some cases, customers need more personalized solutions – we offer a custom version of the voice assistant with conversation scenarios covering multiple event sequences. This type of voicebot can conduct conversations on many topics, understands many intentions, and its implementation may take from 3 to 5 weeks.

In which industries will a voicebot for automating logistics processes be found?

A voicebot for delivery will work well in any industry that deals with planning and handling parcel deliveries – from logistics and courier companies to numerous e-commerce stores. It will significantly relieve the customer service department, streamline processes and reduce costs.

How much does it cost to implement a voicebot supporting logistics processes?

The cost of implementing a delivery voicebot depends on the selected package, which covers a certain number of minutes and involves a monthly fee. Details of the variants and exact costs can be found in our price list.

What processes can a delivery voicebot improve?

A voicebot for parcel handling improves delivery planning processes on a national and international scale. Its functions include identifying customers, distinguishing voicemail from humans, providing shipment status information, changing the delivery date, form and address, confirming shipment delivery, sending confirmation SMSes, and more.

Does Apifonica provide support in implementing a voicebot for logistics automation?

Yes, we provide full support – from the initial idea to launching the delivery voicebot. In short, we will prepare everything for you. Moreover, our team of experts analyzes your business processes to provide you with an optimal solution based on your specific problems, needs and goals, and seamlessly integrates with your CRM.