Get more clients from your ad campaigns


  • It takes 7 minutes to pre-qualify a new lead, which turns into 7000 minutes for 1000 leads for example. And what if about 30% of these leads are junk leads?

  • 9 times more conversions happen if you contact a potential client within 5 minutes.

How Voicebot helps

  • Voicebot saves time by automating leads pre-qualification, e. g. our client saved 208 hours of work and 13320 PLN filtering out 38% of junk leads.

  • Voicebot responds in seconds, handels +10k requests a minute, pre-qualifies them and updates your CRM.

14-days free trial

Integration with any CRM

Natural speech with AI and NLU

5 steps of mass ad
campaign optimization

  • Lead pre-qualification automation

  • Immediate response

  • Qualification personalization

  • KPI-oriented campaigns

  • CRM management automation

Optimise costs with pre-qualification automation

Voicebot pre-qualifies leads and filters out junk ones saving time and costs. It can process more than 10000 leads a minute, allowing to cover an audience of any size with no additional hires.

Ensure great results by setting KPIs

Voicebot allows to set campaign KPIs. You can also adjust calls strategy to reach maximum conversion (automatic attempts based on a call status, delay between attempts, rescheduling, etc.).

Increase conversion with immediate response to leads

Voicebot reaches out to a lead the minute they click on an ad when they're most ready to convert. It uses machine learning to understand natural speech and respond like a manager would.

Boost engagement with qualification personalization

Voicebot personalises communication: e.g. it can offer a discount based on a trigger in your CRM set for a specific leads category. It also identifies leads by name and a product/service chosen.

Save time with CRM management and reporting automation

Voicebot updates leads details and statuses, as well as provides reports. We can integrate with any CRM via Zapier.
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calls per second 24/7/365
voicebot understands natural language which boost engagement
4.2 PLN
av. price of 1 lead qualified by Voicebot
languages to talk to your leads like a local

Why choose Apifonica Voicebot?

Process more leads quicker

Salesperson contacts 40-50 leads a day and Voicebot prequalifies 1000+ leads the minute they reach out which results in higher conversion.

Optimise sales funnel

Voicebot can follow complex conversational scripts and do A/B tests allowing you to evaluate the quality of ads and leads and optimise the funnel for higher conversion.

Optimize team performance

Voicebot filters out junk leads and automates CRM management, so sales team can focus on high-quality leads and meaningful tasks. This prevents burnout, improves performance.
Get more clients from your ad campaigns with AI-Voicebot


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