Get more clients from your ad campaigns

AI-Voicebot enables higher conversions from leads to clients, optimises sales funnel and automates CRM management!

Process more leads quicker

Salesperson contacts 40-50 leads a day and Voicebot prequalifies 1000+ leads the minute they reach out which results in higher conversion.

Optimise sales funnel

Voicebot can follow complex conversational scripts and do A/B tests allowing you to evaluate the quality of ads and leads and optimise the funnel for higher conversion.

Optimize team performance

Voicebot filters out junk leads and automates CRM management, so sales team can focus on high-quality leads and meaningful tasks. This prevents burnout, improves performance.

Increase conversion of ads campaigns
and improve client experience

Mass outreach

Timely notifications

Lead qualification

Order confirmation

Satisfaction survey

Customer support

calls per second 24/7/365
voicebot understands natural language which boost engagement
4.2 PLN
av. price of 1 lead qualified by Voicebot
languages to talk to your leads like a local
Foxfort success story: 5292 leads qualified
and 38% junk leads filtered

Our client - major e-learning platform with more than 1 million students - ran a massive lead-generation campaign

Only during the pilot campaign 2500+ numbers turned out to be invalid or unavailable for a call. Instead of wasting time on these useless calls, the telemarketing dept focused on pre-qualified leads, increasing the internal qualification rate.
Get more clients from your ad campaigns with AI-Voicebot
How automation helps increase conversion:

  • Voicebot reaches out to a lead the minute they click on an ad which boosts conversion

  • Voicebot can follow and A/B test complex scripts to help you evaluate quality of ads and leads and optimize the funnel for better conversion

  • Once you set up desired KPIs reports Voicebot provides will show thin places in qualification script

  • Voicebot understands natural language and within 1-2 seconds can tell the difference between human & answering machine

  • With Voicebot you can add gamification to qualification of leads for better engagement

  • Voicebot defines country of origin of the lead to call from a local phone number which increases trust and engagement

How automation helps optimize costs and processes:

  • Automation of pre-qualification by voicebot allows to process thousands leads fast with no loss in quality of qualification which saves time and decreases cost per client

  • You need 7 minutes per lead on pre-qualification stage & with Voicebot you save these 7 minutes

  • Besides our Voicebot works stably 24/7/365 which is impossible with average call centre and allows to save money on overtimes

  • Compared to people in call centre our Voicebot enables faster reply to clients calls (shorter AWT) which results in better QoS (quality of service)

  • It allows you to track the whole leads flow (e.g. call, sms with link to calendly, 2nd call) - track at which stage exactly leads drop out of the funnel and optimize their flow

From better qualified leads to better sales

When salespeople don’t have to spend so much time prospecting and qualifying leads, they can spend time actually selling. It can mean the difference between a good sales month and a poor sales month. Having better qualified leads saves time and eliminates the possibility of wasted phone calls and prospects.”