Voicebot in banking and financial services

Improve customer service on the bank’s hotline – automatically solve 80% of standard issues and provide personalized information.

What is a voicebot for banking?

The banking voicebot is an intelligent voice assistant based on natural language processing (NLP) technology that speaks freely to bank customers, serving them quickly, 24 hours a day and in many languages.

It supports both the incoming hotline, where it answers questions and accepts instructions from customers, handling up to 80% of their typical matters, as well as outgoing, where it transmits information and automatically personalized offers from the bank.

Calls per minute 24/7/365 using a banking bot
Voicebot understands natural language, which allows for free conversation
Languages in which the AI voicebot talks to customers
How does a voicebot for banking work?

Voicebot for banking will talk to customers as freely as an employee. Thanks to advanced NLP (natural language processing) technology, the voice assistant will understand the customer regardless of what words and phrases they use to express their intentions.

  • Voicebot on the incoming hotline answers FAQs, solves standard problems, provides account information, accepts instructions, applications and complaints, recommends products

  • On the outgoing hotline, it conducts information and marketing campaigns for customers and satisfaction surveys, and also provides notifications about payments and changes in the offer

  • Moreover, the voicebot automatically updates CRM, sends text messages and e-mails after a conversation, and creates advanced reports

What can a financial voicebot do in banks?

These are just some of the things that a voicebot for banking can automate.

Provide account information

A banking voicebot will provide the customer with information about the number and balance of funds in the account, as well as answer other related questions.

Inform about a payment

A voicebot will call the customer to remind them about an upcoming or overdue payment related to banking services.

Personalize an offer

A voicebot can call the customer with an offer exactly matched to the information it has in CRM, and also advise on the right product after asking a few questions.

Accept an instruction

A voicebot will record various customer instructions, for example changes to data, blocking a card or making a transfer (with full security in mind).

Register an application

Does the customer want to open an account, get a card or take out a loan? A voicebot will collect the necessary information and save the request in the system.

Conduct a survey

A voicebot will call thousands of bank customers and ask them any closed or open questions, and then prepare a report.
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Why is a voicebot a good choice for banks?

Availability and security are important in a bank – our intelligent voicebot will answer the phone immediately and 24/7 and handle customer matters, ensuring data standards and security.

It is specific and composed

Talking about money is a delicate topic – both for service employees and customers. A voicebot for banking will remain calm in any situation, and people are less reluctant to talk to it about this discreet issue.

It calls until answered

A voicebot in a bank calls repeatedly to people who do not answer – at set time intervals, making a specific number of attempts to connect with the customer to whom it wants to convey information.

It remembers deadlines

A banking voicebot does not make typical human errors “by omission”, so you can be sure that it will not forget about any deadline or a document.

It takes care of the documentation

A voicebot in banking is integrated with many CRM systems (and can connect to others using Zapier) and over 2,000 services, such as Google ecosystem, Microsoft, Facebook, Calendly, etc.

It works quickly

What would take bank hotline employees many hours to do, our intelligent voicebot for banking does in just a few minutes (handles 5,000 calls per minute), saving time and money.

Implementation is swift

A voicebot on a bank’s hotline can be implemented in just a few days – in a package with editable scenario templates, speech synthesis and recognition, SMS, local telephone number and reporting.

How does a voicebot in a bank ensure customer security?

For bank customers calling the hotline, the priority is the security of their data and money. The bank’s voicebot guarantees them in various ways.

Confirms identity based on questions (or biometrics)

When a customer calls the bank, the voicebot asks for information based on which it can confirm the identity. It can also recognize the customer’s voice.

The recorded data is protected and encrypted

A voicebot for banking is equipped with many technical solutions that protect customer data against unauthorized access.

It complies with data protection regulations

A financial voicebot operates in accordance with GDPR and other legal requirements. Call details are not shared with anyone other than the bank itself.

What are the benefits of voice automation in the financial industry?

Simplified processes

Saving money

Customer loyalty

Increasing sales

Relieving the employees

Saving time

Higher security

Maintaining standards

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Frequently asked questions

What are the functions of a voicebot in banks?

A voicebot in banking can handle both incoming and outgoing hotlines. The bank’s customers can call the bank to obtain account information, submit an instruction, application or complaint, ask a question or ask for product advice.

How do voicebots for voice automation support bank customers?

A voicebot in a bank communicates with your clients as freely as a consultant, handling their standard matters and providing information. Thanks to NLP technology, it perfectly understands natural language and interprets the client’s intentions, regardless of the words used. A voicebot for retail banking not only provides information, but also tries to reach an agreement – answers the interlocutor’s questions and doubts during the conversation. It is very convenient for the bank’s customers because it answers the phone instantly and 24/7/365 and speaks over 150 languages. Thanks to technology and legal provisions, it also ensures full security of the bank’s customers’ data and money.

A voicebot, in addition to conducting calls, can also identify the customer it is talking to, distinguish voicemail from a human, call multiple times on selected dates and send an SMS with information after the call.

How much does it cost to implement a voicebot in banking and finance?

The cost of implementing a voicebot for banking depends on the selected package, which covers a certain number of minutes and involves a monthly fee. Details of the variants and exact costs can be found in our price list.

Does Apifonica provide support in implementing a voicebot for a bank?

Yes, we provide full support – from the initial idea to launching the voicebot for banking. In short, we will prepare everything for you. Moreover, our team of experts analyzes your business processes to provide you with an optimal solution based on your specific problems, needs and goals, and seamlessly integrates with your CRM.