Shorten hiring cycle by 5-8 times and
cut hiring costs with AI-Voicebot


Voicebot speeds up the hiring cycle 5-8 times by replying to each candidate the minute they apply and interviewing thousands of candidates simultaneously.

Provide feedback
to each candidate

Voicebot will respond to every application and provide post-interview feedback to each candidate.

Automate HRM
system management

Voicebot updates data in HRM system after each call, updates statuses and generates reports automatically. We have integrations with eRecruiter, Teamtailor, and Softgarden.
Calculate the costs & hours
you could save using Voicebot:

One of our clients - delivery service - has calculated that processing 625 CVs with our Voicebot saved them 145hours of work and as much as PLN 6,815PLN in 30 days.
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you can save?
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How did we calculate this?
  • The average salary of a recruiter/HR specialist with all the taxes, social security, and insurance payments is 7840 PLN monthly.

  • Polish workers work about 168 hours per month.

  • An hour of a recruiter’s work costs an employer 7840/168 = 47 PLN.

  • 145 person-hours * 47 PLN = 6815 PLN in a month. saved 1.5 month of work with Apifonica

Case study
of candidates
completed interview
1.5 months
of a recruiter’s
hard work was saved
We offer a free pilot to show you how this all will work for
your company and with your workflows. No commitment
or hidden fees. The test lasts 14 days.

What is AI-Voicebot and how does it work?

Voicebot automates communication

Voicebot interviews candidates to pre-qualify them, gives them details about the open position, as well as feedback afterwards. We provide localisation to 150 languages.

Voicebot understand natural language

Voicebot uses NLP to understand natural speech, it also can tell the difference between voicemail/answer machine and a human. Our Voicebot can talk like a local in 150 languages.

Voicebot automates HRM system management

Voicebot ads and updates data, builds reports and automatically moves leads from stage to stage based on chosen triggers. It can be integrated with eRecruiter, Teamtailor & Softgarden, besides via Zapier we can integrate with any other HRM system.

Ready-to-use solution

Voicebot can be implemented within a few days based on our templates. You get a fully functioning AI-Voicebot with editable script templates, speech synthesis and recognition, webhooks, SMS triggered by action/answer, local phone number and reporting.
employees hired
using the Voicebot
time per hire
24 000
person-hours per year
saved for our clients
Voicebot understands
natural language which
boost conversion
Optimize your mass hiring workflow with Voicebot.
Try it for free for 14 days.

enelmed creates a friendlier recruitment process

Candidates experience
less time spent
on screening
replies to all

enel-med is a nationwide healthcare services provider with 27 medical centers, 10 diagnostic facilities, and 2 hospitals. They employ more than 1000 people.

“Our goal was to speed up the hiring process and provide candidates with a virtual assistant who brings a sense of comfort by responding immediately to the application. Voicebot conducts phone interviews with candidates and gives them basic information about the position without involving recruiters. The candidate feels cared for, and we collect the data we need for further decision-making.”

Recruitment Manager


How much does this solution cost?

How long does it take to implement Voicebot?

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Can Voicebot replace a consultant?

How does vb know how to react? And what to say?

Boost conversions in mass hiring and shorten hiring cycle with AI-Voicebot. Try it for free for 14 days