Voicebot for customer service - optimize
customer service in your company

93% of customers are likely to purchase again with companies that offer excellent customer service.
Optimise customer service with AI-Voicebot.

How Voicebot can help optimize
customer service in your company?

Clients’ requests pre-qualification

Helpline and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Order status notification or confirmation

Delivery notification or confirmation

Satisfaction survey

calls per second 24/7/365
voicebot understands natural language which boost engagement
languages to talk to your leads like a local

Benefits from customer service
optimization with AI-Voicebot

Better customer experience

Voicebot works 24/7/365 and can process 1000+ requests at a time, thus your customers won’t have to wait. Voicebot will either resolve the issue or clarify details and transfer a request to a manager with all data in CRM. This shortens average handling time and increases the number of resolved issues.

Saving time & boosting performance

With Voicebot you save time on CRM management, as it automatically adds all data there, updates statuses and creates reports. You also save managers’ time on pre-qualification and FAQ as Voicebot can do it whilst managers can do more important and fulfilling tasks.

Optimising costs

Voicebot handles a surplus of customer calls in peak seasons and during new products launch, thus you save on new hires and overtimes. Voicebot handles low-value calls allowing you to get more value from your managers. Voicebot optimises costs and lowers cost-per-call.
Optimise your customer support processes
with AI-Voicebot

Here are examples of Apifonica Voicebot application

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In which industries will Voicebot be useful for customer service?

How long does it take to implement Voicebot?

Can Voicebot be adapted to industries other than those mentioned?

How much does this solution cost?

Can Voicebot be adapted to industries other than those mentioned?

Does Apifonica provide support with Voicebot deployments?

Learn how to improve your
customer support with AI-Voicebot

Optimise customer service with Apifonica

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction with shorter average waiting time and shorter average handling time

  • Lower cost per call with optimised and more predictable support costs

  • Increase team performance freeing your agents from low value calls at pre-qualification

  • Automate CRM management, KPIs tracking and requests flow from stage to stage/team to team based on their status, setup triggers, etc.

  • Scale quickly & easily with no new hires: launch new products, enter new regions, go through peak seasons and A/B test scripts