There will be blood: Get ready for the GDPR

“Game-changing for everybody”: that’s how the GDPR is, according to Information Commissioner of United Kingdom. Here’s a last-minute guide to GDPR, compiled in a wake of the sweeping change in EU regulations on data protection. It particularly focuses on aligning your business communications with new rules and managing customer’s consent for data processing via voice and SMS channels. Make sure you’re ready, before heads start to roll.

Great April for voice technology

This April, several important announcements has been made that will impact everyone involved in voice technologies. Some are merely fledgling yet promising new arrivals - technology breakthroughs, yet to be truly harnessed. Others are made by market-dominant companies. Altogether, they may affect many tech and purchasing decisions.

Heads-up to webchat software vendors: voice is coming

Did you ever count how often you return a chat message with a phone call? With “I’ll call you right back” instead of typing the entire thing? In my experience,five out of ten work-related chats end up with a call. And it’s not just me. Webchat software vendors, beware .You might be missing something.