How bad a software developer are you?

Metrics for measuring developer productivity are the philosopher’s stone, Holy Grail, and white whale of the software world. Codebase quality and project completion rate are both aimed squarely at the work of the team, rendering them worthless when it comes to looking at the work of particular developers. Paradoxically, people can generally tell the difference between a poor developer and a good one.

Five quirky messaging apps that got it so very right

It may seem like these apps are nothing more than the developers having a “just for fun” moment. On the other hand, the lively response they have generated would seem to disagree with that notion. They know something the rest of us have missed, and they understand something crucial about how people talk with each other in our over-communicated world.


Introducing the Apifonica Blog

Welcome to Apifonica's blog! Here we are talking about communications app development and how Apifonica can be of use to make this process quick and easy for developers. Advices, tutorials and precious little hacks will be found here soon helping you to build your next voice and sms-enabled killer app.