Review of the year 2018: everything you need to know about SMS text message statistics

When researching the statistics behind SMS advertising, you would be forgiven for thinking the information out there is pretty outdated.

A google search for “SMS advertising statistics” will show a lot of SEO-optimized pages, but you won’t get much use from the content.

Why you should use SMS marketing for your business

SMS marketing is a great tool which you should add to your business marketing arsenal. If you are looking for new ways on how to expand your promotion and advertising efforts, keep on reading.  We will tell you why SMS marketing is great and why you should start using it right now!

Where is your phone right now?

If you’re not reading this on your phone, and you can’t immediately see it, you are feeling one thing: PANIC

Apifonica business transfer notice

Dear customers, this notice is to formally announce and inform you that Multiregional Transittelecom OY (MTT) operating under the APIFONICA trademark, entered into business transfer agreement with SmartTel Plus OÜ (Estonia). From June 1st, 2018, all the services provided to customers through the website will be provided by SmartTel Plus OÜ.

API and Functionality Updates

We have made a series of updates to the API and personal account interface.

Big giveaway of phone numbers announcement

It’s not every day that we’re able to offer our clients some substantial rebates. That’s why we’re extremely pleased to inform you that Apifonica is having a special offer on phone numbers rental up to December 31, 2017.

Apifonica sponsors the world's largest telecom-focused hackathon

Apifonica joines TADHack, the largest telecom-focused hackathon worldwide, as its global sponsor.

What (else) I learned about programmers by reading 200+ programming jokes (part 2)

A quick analysis of more than 200 programming jokes gives some insights into the main frustrations that come with being a programmer.

What I learned about programmers by reading 200+ programming jokes (part 1)

The Apifonica blog editor dug into more than 200 programming jokes and noted to her surprise that they covered all of four topics.

Are programmers linguists or mathematicians?

Are software developers linguists, or are they mathematicians? Should computer programming appear as a language option on the school curriculum, or is it math? Despite decades of debate, the jury is still out.

SMS research reports 2016 for marketers, direct links – Part Two

SMS marketing? Keep calm and do some research. Good moto for a marketer, isn't it?

The list of SMS research reports providing direct links to a dozen of "recent and decent" reports on texting as to its use as a marketing communications channel. This is the second part of the list featuring 8 valuable sources of SMS data for 2016.