Two-Factor Authentication Solutions for Business

Two-Factor Authentication Solutions

There’s no doubt about it. If you fail to protect systems access securely with two-factor authentication (2FA), you put your business and personal data at huge risk.

But how do you know if you are getting it right? Do you really understand how two-factor verification actually works? If not, you might end up making mistakes.

Apifonica business transfer notice

Dear customers, this notice is to formally announce and inform you that Multiregional Transittelecom OY (MTT) operating under the APIFONICA trademark, entered into business transfer agreement with SmartTel Plus OÜ (Estonia). From June 1st, 2018, all the services provided to customers through the website will be provided by SmartTel Plus OÜ.

API and Functionality Updates

We have made a series of updates to the API and personal account interface.

Apifonica sponsors the world's largest telecom-focused hackathon

Apifonica joines TADHack, the largest telecom-focused hackathon worldwide, as its global sponsor.

What (else) I learned about programmers by reading 200+ programming jokes (part 2)

A quick analysis of more than 200 programming jokes gives some insights into the main frustrations that come with being a programmer.

What I learned about programmers by reading 200+ programming jokes (part 1)

The Apifonica blog editor dug into more than 200 programming jokes and noted to her surprise that they covered all of four topics.

Are programmers linguists or mathematicians?

Are software developers linguists, or are they mathematicians? Should computer programming appear as a language option on the school curriculum, or is it math? Despite decades of debate, the jury is still out.

The true meaning of esoteric programming languages

Esoteric programming languages intentionally refuse following the common ways of simplifying the complexity and clarifying the obscurity. Esolangs recreate the sense of code as a “black art”, calling back to what programming was like in the days of machine code.

12 programming blogs most recommended in 2015

The Apifonica blog editor looked at dozens of “best programming blog” lists to figure out which are the most recommended blogs for software developers of 2015.

Introducing the Apifonica Blog

Welcome to Apifonica's blog! Here we are talking about communications app development and how Apifonica can be of use to make this process quick and easy for developers. Advices, tutorials and precious little hacks will be found here soon helping you to build your next voice and sms-enabled killer app. Week by week, you will find us spreading the word about the cool things you’ve built on Apifonica cloud API platform, or sharing some inspirational customer stories, or musing on the relevant topics of the day.