Use Case

SMS integration for Freshdesk™ customer support suite, powered by Apifonica

Digiassistentti, a business IT solutions provider from Helsinki, just announced the successful integration of Apifonica’s SMS functionality with industry-leading Freshdesk™ customer support software.

Your bulk SMS campaigns can do better

Bulk SMS marketing best paractices

For most, bulk SMS marketing means sending the same message, across thousands of recipients, in hope that a fraction of a fraction of a percent would respond. Some probably would, but you can do better than that.

A voice solution to dissuade pesky telemarketers

Meet PhoneGuard: the phone privacy app that elegantly filters out unsolicited callers.

SMS: the last-resort solution for a complicated life situation

Meet ROME: a neat two-way SMS proof of concept to demonstrate SMS dependability. Built on top of Apifonica over one weekend. 

“Buy milk. Love, the fridge”: how SMS messages came to rule the Internet of Things

Modern things are learning to speak with people in the same language and through “human” channels, including phones, messengers and SMS.

Heads-up to webchat software vendors: voice is coming

Did you ever count how often you return a chat message with a phone call? With “I’ll call you right back” instead of typing the entire thing? In my experience,five out of ten work-related chats end up with a call. And it’s not just me. Webchat software vendors, beware .You might be missing something.

Time as a service, or How to scientifically reduce client no-shows

Because of no-shows, professionals lose their time, while fail to make money.

Business and public sector both suffer from the disaster commonly referred to as a "client no-show". Despite its omnipresence, up to this moment humanity came up with only two ways of confronting the missed appointments problem. Of those two, only one is scientifically approved. 

Web call-back: that’s what Steve Jobs would’ve built if he were in telephony business

Call-back widget urges website visitors to request an instant call back from a company's rep

Some of the most financially successful new technology is not new at all, or sometimes isn’t even a technology. An awesome example of Eastern Europe web call-back boom that would have made Steve Jobs jealous, proves it perfectly.