API and Functionality Updates

Anna Sopova

We have made a series of updates to the API and personal account we’d like you to know about.

Public beta of Social Messaging API to start with Telegram integration

Apifonica is moving towards providing all relevant social messaging tools in a single uniform messaging API. The first messenger service to be added is Telegram. After that, we will be adding Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp integrations. Telegram use will be free during the beta period. The release date will be announced separately.

IVR functionality improved

Now, the audio played by playAudio command in a programmed IVR, can be interrupted at any moment by getInput command. Also, self-explanatory minSymbols, maxSymbols, finishOnKey IVR configuration parameters are added, increasing the flexibility and adjustability of IVRs built on Apifonica platform.

Diacritic and national characters delivery bug fixed in SMS

Diacritic and other language-specific symbols are now sent and received correctly in SMS.

getCalls API call functionality improved

GET Calls request now returns information on all calls, including SIP, both inbound and outbound, and not not only the data on XML-mode calls, as before. Also, as requested by many customers, all legs of the call are returned (not only leg-A as before).

Call and message logs now available in the personal account interface

Complete message and call logs are added to the Logs section of the password-protected “Account” website section.

More than 30 new numbers destinations

Local numbers in more than 30 new area codes are now available for purchase.

Hope you will enjoy the upgraded platform experience.

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