Apifonica business transfer notice

Anna Sopova

Dear customers,

This notice is to formally announce and inform you that Multiregional Transittelecom OY (MTT) operating under the APIFONICA trademark, entered into business transfer agreement with SmartTel Plus OÜ (Estonia). From June 1st, 2018, all the services provided to customers through the website www.apifonica.com will be provided by SmartTel Plus OÜ.

SmartTel Plus OÜ currently operates under the Dzinga trademark and provides telecommunication services across Europe. In the coming months, Apifonica’s and Dzinga’s product portfolios will form the unified product offering. For both Apifonica’s and Dzinga’s customers this arrangement promises enhanced functionality and greater adaptability to every customer’s needs. The new product offering will be publicly announced in the course of coming months.

Meanwhile, all the rights for the software, the APIs used for service provision, the website www.apifonica.com and the APIFONICA trademark will be transferred from MTT to SmartTel Plus OÜ on June 1st, 2018.

Perhaps you are wondering how this change will affect you. Let us assure you that the service remains unchanged. The new owner will keep providing the very same set of services as of today in its full functionality, under the same trademark, with no changes to pricing, user interfaces or visual representation of products and services. Neither there will be effects on your user account, nor interruptions in service provision.

However, the action is required from your side. As you probably know, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes in effect shortly. To comply with this regulation, we kindly ask you to review the updated version of Apifonica’s Terms & Agreements. If you plan to continue using Apifonica’s API’s, it’s necessary that before June 1st 2018 you agree to the the Terms and Agreements as placed at https://account.apifonica.com/agreements/. Please follow the link, log in with your login and password, read the updated Terms and Agreements, and click “I HAVE READ & AGREE”. Any funds that may remain at your account balance as of June 1st 2018 will be transferred to SmartTel Plus OÜ and remain available to you as before through your personal account at www.apifonica.com.

Please continue to address inquiries and business transactions to the usual account representatives, who will continue to support you on behalf of SmartTel Plus OÜ.

Read and accept T&A now

Please find the SmartTel Plus OÜ business details below:
SmartTel Plus OÜ
Reg.Nr. 12891576
VAT EE101832520
Address: J. Vilmsi str 47, Tallinn Estonia
E-mail: support at smarttelplus.eu support at apifonica.com

For details, please don’t hesitate to contact support at apifonica.com or/and dzinga.com +48 12 446 52 44 (Poland), +31 20 369 06 28 (Netherlands), +39 06 976 35070 (Italy), +358 942 704184 (Finland).

Yours sincerely, MTT OY & SmartTel Plus OÜ

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