Big deal: Apifonica has acquired one of the leading cloud communications providers in Germany

Anna Sopova

This February Apifonica has acquired one of the leading cloud communications providers in Germany - TENIOS GmbH. They offer intelligent speech dialog systems via Voice API, IN routing, AI-based speech output (TTS) and speech recognition (ASR) as well as the integration of speech bots from a single source. Currently they serve more than 2,000 customers from all industries worldwide.

Why did we buy TENIOS?

  • This is great opportunity to deliver our customisable solution for automation of communication to the German market
  • There’s a product synergy between our companies thus we can help TENIOS clients with STP services (Voicebot, SMS, Phone number masking) and our clients can benefit from Telecom API provided by TENIOS
  • Apifonica is going to Western Europe and this is one of the many steps in realisation of our global and M&A strategy

Denis Shirokii, Founder and managing director of Apifonica:

“We are delighted to team up with TENIOS. This company has created a unique product and great culture to support it. We are excited about the value that we can deliver to our customers in this union. Developing products portfolio in the next step on our journey to keep helping customers globally define the future of business communications.”

TENIOS - the leading cloud communications provider

TENIOS cloud is a perfect combo of all the standard services typical for telecommunication systems with the latest enterprise-grade features wrapped up in one highly scalable and easily accessible platform for audio communications in real time.

TENIOS product portfolio features:

  • Cloud communications
  • International freephone and geographic numbers
  • Voice-API for the integration of speech services and business applications into client’s telephony
  • Cloud call center applications
  • Cloud-IVR speech dialogue solutions for an optimized CX
  • SIP-Trunk for your PBX
  • VoiceBot connector

TENIOS is an associated partner of the Fraunhofer SPEAKER project. The aim of the project is to build and provide an AI-based platform "Made in Germany" for voice assistants in the B2B sector.

You can tell they are one of the leading cloud communications providers looking at the list of their clients: Ergo, Huawei, Teufel, Sunpoint and many more.

Umit Öztürk, CEO of TENIOS GmbH:

“We couldn’t even imagine a better partner for further growth and expansion. With these new capabilities, we can offer our customers a broader set of tools to quickly and more effectively engage their customers through the power of digital communications. Being based in Germany, we have a competitive advantage to deliver these services in a large and digitally-driven market, while leveraging Apifonica international footprint to serve as a differentiator.”

As we’ve mentioned before it is one of the steps to ensure Apifonica’s presence in all Western European markets, therefore stay tuned for our future big deals and key updates - there’s a lot planned for 2022!

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