How ChatGPT opens new opportunities for Voicebot and businesses using it?

Finka Heynemann

We are dealing with a true phenomenon - the popularity of ChatGPT is growing immensely with 1.2 billion users. In just one month, from February to March 2023, the number of its users increased by more than 50%. Last November, ChatGPT was opened up through API to external companies and projects.

The opening of the possibility to integrate caused the development of the market around it, i.e. various types of tools and applications that, using it, streamline a great many, different processes, tasks or that offer new opportunities. 

In a very short period of time, a new market has been created, which is dominated by companies from Europe (one in three applications offered comes from the old continent). Some of the most popular apps currently include AI Chat Pro Chatbot Assistant from Romania, Ask AI or Nova from Turkey and Roboco AI from England. 

Our Voicebot is no exception as we integrated with ChatGPT as well which improved and sped up the training process for Voicebot, as well as enhanced intent recognition and script designing. 

How chatGPT improves Voicebot?

  • Faster training without compromising on quality: e.g. you’re automating customer service communication for FAQ or typical customer issues, with ChatGPT you can just upload a conversation log of such calls your agents did and Voicebot will use them to build high-quality scenarios without additional training. Same approach would work for any situations where you have a conversation log from agents/call centres (delivery-related conversations, customer satisfaction surveys, appointments booking, and many more).
  • More natural conversations via better flexibility and greater variety of identified intents: generally, Voicebots understand users via their intents which can be read via semantic meaning of the message. And due to machine learning with time Voicebot gets better at recognising intents in a given situation. ChatGPT helps to recognise more intents within a given context ensuring more flexibility in the conversation. Besides, it learns faster, especially with historical data provided.
  • ChatGPT as an automated conversational designer: it can create conversations samples automatically, saving a lot of time on designing scenarios and leaving more time for improving them. It speeds up the launch of a Voicebot keeping the quality at the same or even higher level. 

How will the integration affect efficiency?

Voicebot's performance to date, even before the integration with Chat GPT leaves no illusions that it is a tool that is very well appreciated by customers. For example, Apifonica's voicebot user satisfaction level is 75%, based on an analysis of nearly half a hundred corporate projects. The resolution rate is at 80%, based on customer project statistics for the past 2 years. Calls transferred to agents, people working on the hotline, do not exceed 15% based on analysis of depersonalised calls.

According to conservative estimates, we estimate that the integration of our voicebot with Chat GPT, can increase customer satisfaction from 75% to 90-95% in a very short time. It will also reduce the number of calls transferred to agents from 15% to 5%, increasing automation potential and workflow efficiency. We can also talk about improving the learning ability of our voicebot. In the case of LPP's client, a well-known apparel manufacturer, the integration allowed to improve the results twice, precisely thanks to the self-learning process.

- says Finka Heynemann, Conversational UI Designer at Apifonica.

Conversation automation at its best with Voicebot empowered by ChatGPT:

  • increase resolution rate to 90-95% 
  • decrease the number of calls passed to agents up to 5%

Faster launch of Voicebots with ChatGPT

With ChatGPT integration, the preparation of voicebot scripts will also be faster, especially FAQ scenarios and typical customer service issue resolution. As a result, you can now simply upload data from such conversations to the system and it will be able to use it to build conversations. For example, before the integration with Chat GPT, it took several weeks to launch a Voicebot with ML algorithms, scripts covering multiple intentions and comprehensive reporting. With integration, simplifying the scripting process (especially if a company has a call log to be automated-for example, customer service call logs), launching a Voicebot can happen 1.5-2 times faster, depending on the complexity of the required integrations. 

Why is integration with ChatGPT so important?

It improves the performance of our Voicebot: 

  • More natural dialogue
  • Better intent recognition
  • Ultimate flexibility within the given scenario
  • Faster launch of a Voicebot

But what is more important, it ensures better results for businesses using our Voicebot - more calls will be fully automated with positive experience for your clients, more time will be saved with this smart automation which in turn increases cost savings and team performance improvement. 

How can you apply this ultimate Voicebot for business?

  • It can be used in HR for: 

    • Pre-qualification of candidates in mass hiring for blue-collar positions (starting from 500+ CVs monthly)
    • Scheduling/rescheduling of meetings/interviews
    • Feedback to candidates and satisfaction surveys
  • It can be applied in marketing, sales or customer service for:

    • Leads pre-qualification (in ads campaigns with 500+ leads monthly)
    • Abandoned cart reminders for ecom
    • Order status notification or confirmation
    • Delivery notification or confirmation
    • Customers satisfaction surveys
    • Promos/discounts notifications
    • Reactivation of old clients with promo campaigns
    • Personal shopping assistant for ecom 
    • Tables booking at restaurants
    • Or Helpline 

Generally, in all these cases there are 3 common results: 

  • Costs & performance optimization

By automating certain routine tasks and workflows you save time and time is money. Did you know that on average 3 hours a day is spent on tasks that could easily be automated (according to Business Standard)? That’s a lot of time and expenses. Also your team being freed of repetitive routine tasks can concentrate on more important ones boosting performance.

  • CRM/HRM management automatio
    Voicebot updates CRM/HRM automatically based on chosen triggers: it adds data, automatically moves leads from stage to stage/team to team based on their status. This saves a lot of time and eliminates human error (forgot to update data, put incorrect data, etc.)
  • Scaling without additional hires
    With Voicebot you can scale your operations (e.g. scale hiring volume, or you ad campaign, or go through peak periods in ecom, etc.) without hiring more people to process increased incoming calls. It helps it scale up quicker and cheaper. 
  • Burnout prevention
    Voicebot automates routine tasks and saves time for work which requires more qualification and creativity. It boosts team morale and prevents burnout. 

Surely, each sphere of application has its own specific KPIs. For example in customer support it is CSAT (or customer satisfaction), AWT, AHT, Resolution rate, Percentage of calls transferred on an agent, etc. In mass recruitment we can look at the number of applications processed, time saved on screening, number of applicants ready to start working and level of satisfaction candidates have in the process. But the point is, you improve your business KPIs with Voicebot for sure.

Want to try our ultimate Voicebot integrated with ChatGPT? Request a free consultation with our specialist and get a free 14-day pilot.

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