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For fast-growing companies, recruiting eventually becomes an ongoing process, virtually a daily habit. In such cases, reviewing resumes and contacting candidates take up as much as half of a recruiter's workday. The preliminary screening of candidates is crucial to the entire recruitment process and sometimes may even consume most of the time.

However, there is good news. The initial stages of the recruitment process can be almost fully automated. This was demonstrated by an Apifonica-powered automated recruitment campaign carried out for the Domino's pizza chain. The robot handled candidate preselection as good as the actual recruiters. But it took incomparably less time.

Domino's Pizza is the most popular pizza brand in Ukraine and the largest pizza chain offering home delivery. Being part of the global Domino's brand, the company goes to great lengths to meet the standards that have made Domino's one of the world leaders in the FMCG industry, namely, excellent product quality, the best service and fast delivery. Behind the best pizza and fast delivery stands the Domino's staff - the cooks who make the pizza, the cashiers and the couriers. Being number one is very challenging, and Domino's HR department is constantly busy searching for the best candidates possible and maintaining a database of prospective ones that the company can reach out to at any time. 

Apifonica's HR Voicebot is the perfect solution for large-scale recruiters. Using intelligent voice-based technology, Voicebot can interview hundreds of candidates at the same time, helping recruiters find the best employees. For Domino's, Apifonica created a campaign to contact and screen hundreds of candidates based on the chain's current job openings.

During the pilot campaign, HR Voicebot automated calls to about 600 contacts. Upon answering the phone, Voicebot played a message that provided information on currently open recruitments, encouraging candidates to choose one of them. Having listened to the job description, the candidate could choose the part of the city where he or she would like to start working. Candidates could also ask to be connected to the recruiter or leave a follow-up call request. Those who chose to speak with a recruiter were immediately routed to the recruiting department.

490 (84%) contacts answered the call, and 30 (5%) called back later. The campaign's coverage rate reached 89%. 41% of those who answered the call interacted with the Voicebot. 155 (73%) contacts successfully completed the call. HR received a report showing the candidates who were interested in the follow-up interview. HR Voicebot completed all interviews within an hour. In comparison, one recruiter would need about 40 man-hours for this task.

To say that we are pleased with the results is an understatement. HR Voicebot not only saved recruiter weeks of work but was also able to provide candidates with details on the job. Candidates who have interacted with Voicebot know what to expect from the job, which only facilitates the following steps and face-to-face interviews.

said the Domino's chain representative.

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