Domino’s Pizza finds best candidates 40 times faster with Apifonica’s HR Voicebot

Anna Sopova
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For fast-growing companies hiring is an ongoing process, a part of the day-to-day routine. Screening CVs and calling candidates may take up to a half of a recruiter’s workday. Quite sometimes the initial selection of candidates is more time-consuming than any other HR-related task.

The good news is, the initial stages of the recruitment process may be automated almost completely. Apifonica-powered automated hiring campaign for Domino’s Pizza showed that technology can cope with candidate pre-selection no worse than humans, while dozens of times faster.

Domino’s Pizza is the most popular pizza brand in Ukraine and the largest pizza restaurant chain with an in-house delivery service. As a partner of the global Domino’s brand, the company is committed to meeting the standards that have made Domino’s a world’s leading FMCG brand: excellent product quality, top service, quick delivery. Behind the best pizzas and the fastest delivery is Domino’s personnel - pizza makers, cashiers, couriers. Being No1 on the market is a demanding position, so Domino’s HR department is always busy with finding the best candidates and keeping the pool of qualified applicants available at any moment.

Apifonica’s HR Voicebot is designed specifically for companies that hire at scale. Thanks to intelligent voice technology, the Voicebot can interview hundreds of candidates simultaneously and quickly identify best-fits for the job. For Domino’s Pizza, Apifonica designed a hiring campaign that would reach out to hundreds of job seekers and identify those who are interested in the company’s current job openings.

During the pilot campaign, HR Voicebot automatically dialled around 600 contacts. Once the call was answered, the Voicebot played a voice message announcing current job openings and prompting candidates to select the position they are interested in. After listening to the job description, the candidate could choose in which city area they’d prefer to work. Successful candidates had a choice to connect to the HR person for a phone interview or to request a call back. Those who had chosen a phone interview were immediately connected for a call with the HR department.

As a result, 490 (84%) contacts answered the call, and 30 (5%) more called back later. Campaign’s total reach resulted at 89%. Of those who answered a call, 41% engaged in an interaction with the Voicebot. Finally, 155 (73%) contacts have completed the interview. The HR department has received a list of 155 candidates who confirmed they are interested in current job openings and are willing to get a job interview. HR Voicebot completed all the interviews in an hour. For comparison, a live person would need around 40 hours for this job.

We are more than satisfied with the result! Not only has HR Voicebot saved a recruiter’s entire workweek, but it also has clarified the job details for candidates. Those candidates who have communicated with the Voicebot already have an idea of what the job is, making in-person interviews easier and faster.

a Domino’s representative says

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