Dzinga Call Center Hiring Project 2018

Anna Sopova
Success stories

How did desperate Dzinga ask Apifonica for help?

Six months ago, we came up against a situation where we needed to hire 10 employees for a call centre in Krakow in a very short time. The companies that we found through the Internet or from referrals mainly offered us services in traditional employee search formats where we needed to pay for each hired employee. As for our own resources, processing primary information from various sources didn’t seem to be an impossible task but due to limited staffing, was ineffective. At the same time, Dzinga did try to pay additionally for the accounts in the aggregators, hoping that the search for employees could be accelerated.

Despite the fact that the economy seemed doubtful to us, we agreed on the funding for this project in the amount of 14400 euros for the search of 10 employees with a gross salary of 800 euros per month in the city of Krakow. We had to pay 15% for the services of the employment agency from the annual employee salaries. As for the project implementation time, we agreed to complete it in 10-12 weeks

Vitalina Khristoradova, HR Director


Funnel according to prediction (project for 14400 euros):
Number of employees for hire: 10
One job will cost 1440 euros


Over time, it became clear that our search began to stall because we had received a big flow of irrelevant applications, the processing of which took the lion’s share of the time of all project participants.

There was a large number of exceptions: some candidates agreed to the salary but were in some other city, others agreed to work for the offered salary but wanted a flexible schedule, someone else asked for a lower salary but was not qualified enough for the job. There were many, who came to the first interview and disappeared or didn’t show at all. Furthermore, we had to communicate constantly with the agents too, who are not always experts in employing field-specific personnel with a certain specificity.

Vitalina Khristoradova, HR Director

The search in Dzinga was delayed for more than 12 weeks and we began to understand the details, which is why the results were turning very bleak.


Funnel after the fact (project for 7380 euros):
500 applications500 interested (conv: 100%)
Started to work: 4 (conv: 0.8%)
One job cost 1845 euros

  • 1) Dzinga got more expensive employees on salaries. One employee “cost” 1200 euros, the second - 900 euros but with the possibility to work part-time. Two more employees agreed to a salary of 1000 euros, one of whom we had to fire for non-efficient performance.
  • 2) Due to higher actual salary requests, one job cost Dzinga more than what we had planned at the start of the project.
  • 3) On the 15th week, Dzinga abandoned the project due to weak commercial indicators.
  • 4) Dzinga started paying the rent for the office, in which there were no department employees yet due to the stalled search.
  • 5) Dzinga started paying fines for unused traffic of calls, which was calculated based on the full workload of the call centre, in which no one was working yet.
  • 6) The agency eventually lost interest in finding employees, because of which the conversion was continuously declining.

We found a solution!

Our colleagues from Apifonica are always engaged in the development of innovative products in the environment of bigdata and AI. During an aggressive search for employees in Dzinga, they were doing one big project for one of the clients in Malta. Unexpectedly, it turned out that some of the automated features from this project could be used for the staff recruitment process.

We understood that the project was way past the deadline and we urgently needed to find a solution to speed up the search process with limited resources and time. We decided to use the robotic call feature, which we called HR Voicebot

Vitalina Khristoradova, HR Director

With the help of the robotic call feature, we are given unique opportunities to save time and money. At the same time, we comply with all the safety conditions (GDPR).

So what did we do?

Besides the fact that we have accumulated our own personnel database, we requested data from the recruitment agency portals of those users, who had open questionnaires and who were actively searching and also agreed to data processing (therefore, we did not violate any privacy rights).

In just one day, we designed the call send, translated it into Polish and with the help of the “text to speech” feature, we generated completely natural speech in Polish, where you could choose the speaker’s gender and even the speech intonation. The Apifonica team set up a call behaviour script that was being programmed depending on the user’s reaction.

Our case was the simplest. We offered a candidate to press buttons, depending on his answer. But in more complex cases, a robotic call can react to the user’s speech and even maintain a natural dialogue.

It took us a few more days to segment the candidate database according to some primary, but very important criteria, for example: by experience, knowledge, age, education, preferences for salary.

We were looking for employees for 15 minutes!

Vitalina Khristoradova, HR Director


Funnel (500-euro project):
Calls Sent: 754
Agreed: 107 (conv: 14.19%)
Started to work: 6 (conv: 0.79%)

From the funnel, we see that the conversion is the same in both cases. The number of interested people in the first case is even greater. However, in the first case, one job cost us 1845 euros of direct expenses for the agency services and 2.5 months of recruitment hell, while in the second, we spent only 83 euros for the services of Apifonica’s HR Voicebot and 2 days to establish the database. Over the next two weeks, the contact centre was staffed.


This is just one story of an evidently successful collaboration, using just a few jobs as an example. The organizations (agencies or companies) that are engaged in mass recruitment of average profession personnel will professionally get absolute efficiency benefits from the use of automated tools such as HR Voicebot.

Contact Apifonica and tell them about your cases. They will definitely help you create a project especially for you!

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