How to phone-interview every single candidate? Apifonica’s Voicebot at enel-med.

Anna Sopova

Complex company structure, a multitude of recruitment processes, and, above all, a massive number of applications that arrive in your inbox or system every day - this is a recruiter’s daily routine. How can we manage all this efficiently and ensure that no candidate feels abandoned? How do we get peace of mind and confidence that the information collected from the applicants is complete? These challenges require appropriate solutions. What if there was a solution that could conduct the interviews for you, gather all the necessary information in one place, and allow you to select candidates efficiently and effectively afterward?

Find out how enel-med has enhanced their recruitment processes using HR Voicebot and how it has proven to benefit both employers and candidates. Paulina Zdunek, Recruitment Manager at enel-med, shares her experience of using the Voicebot-powered phone interviews.

- Why has your team decided to use the Voicebot, what’s the challenge behind this decision? 

- At enel-med we hire receptionists and call center staff all over Poland. Our team’s challenge was the distributed company structure and the number of candidates applying for the positions. We decided to speed up the process using Voicebot for the initial interviews without compromising the conversation’s quality. Additionally, Voicebot ensured that every candidate who applied quickly receives the response and enters the interviewing process. 

- What was the key factor in choosing Voicebot? Were you convinced from the very beginning that this tool is effective?

- Our goal was to speed up the hiring process and provide each candidate with a virtual assistant who brings a sense of comfort by responding immediately to the application. Voicebot conducts phone interviews with each candidate and also gives them basic information about the position, all without involving the recruiter in the process. In our opinion, this is a priceless advantage. The candidate feels cared for, and we collect the information we need for further decision-making.

- Did you have any concerns about starting a project with Voicebot? Were they confirmed during the implementation of this solution?

- We have been thinking about this kind of solution for a long time, but the tools available on the market did not quite meet our expectations. Apifonica’s offer matched our needs and allowed us to meet our objectives.

- How did you implement the Voicebot into your project? Was it time-consuming, and what commitment did it require on your side? What was Apifonica’s support in this regard?

- Due to distributed recruitment, the number of incoming CVs, and active processes, the task was challenging. Besides, we wanted to keep using the solutions we’ve implemented earlier, e.g., multi-recruitment from eRecruiter. Invaluable support from Apifonica’s side for us was Bartek Malinowski. Together we tried to tackle the obstacles that appeared along the way and work out a solution tailored for enel-med. The Voicebot implementation took three months from the time we started discussing it to the first tests.

The implementation process consisted of five steps, - says Bartosz Malinowski, Business Development Manager at Apifonica:

  1. Creating a bot schema and script
  2. Recording of voice-overs
  3. Integration with eRecruiter
  4. 14-day free trial
  5. Commercial use

In this case, the implementation took longer than usual because we have been developing an additional custom integration between the Voicebot and the eRecruiter’s multi-recruitment. Also, we have designed and implemented two Voicebots for different recruitment projects.

How do you rate the integration of Voicebot with eRecruiter?

Voicebot works with eRecruiter perfectly. Candidates apply using a form in the ad; the Voicebot calls each candidate and collects all necessary data. This data syncs to the candidate’s profile on eRecruiter, in the form of a note. This way, all the information we need appears in one place.

What outcomes are you seeing or expecting? What is the most significant value to you?

The biggest value for us is the shorter recruitment process. Based on the Voicebot interview information, recruiters select the candidates they want to meet with and immediately invite them to the meeting. Also, the candidate experience is essential: are they feel comfortable waiting for the response and information about the desired position. Voicebot helps to take care of this, too, making the recruitment process friendlier.

What would you advise recruiters who, like you, are facing the challenge of mass recruiting and are not sure if the Vociebot is a good solution for them?

If you intend to optimize your organization’s mass recruitment process by reaching the maximum number of candidates on the market in the shortest possible time and cannot increase your HR team’s resources, I can recommend this solution.

As enel-med’s experience shows, being afraid of innovative solutions that appear on the market is not productive. The benefits that new capabilities bring, often worth taking the risk and modifying the recruitment process. If you wonder what a voicebot call looks like, see it in action by calling "48 22 250 05 44*.

*Phone numbers and responses will be processed by SmartTeI Plus OÜ, based at J. Vilmsi str. 47, 10126, Tallinn, Estonia, registered with the National Court of Estonia under number: 128915576, having VAT no: EE101638452 and operating under the brand name APIFONICA. Data will be stored for a maximum of 60 days after the call is made. Details on data processing can be found here.

This article is translated from a Polish original, published on the eRecruiter blog, written by Monika Różycka, a Senior Marketing Specialist at eRecruiter. 

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