HR Voicebot: calculating return on investment

Anna Sopova

Is HR automation expensive? Does it pays off, and how fast? Based on Apifonica's clients' data, we've calculated the ROI of HR Voicebot over a one-year time span.

Does every company need HR automation?

Not really. It depends on how many candidates apply for your jobs monthly.

On average, a recruitment manager needs 14 minutes to process one job application. Companies hiring from time to time and receiving 40-50 CVs per job opening result in 10-12 person-hours spent on candidate pre-selection. That's okay.

However, for companies that hire at scale and deal with 500+ CVs monthly, these 14 minutes sum up into weeks and months of work. At some point, candidate pre-selection may take 60-70% of HR person's work hours. Paying a qualified HR professional's salary for hours spent on low-skilled tasks feels (and is) counterintuitive.

And that's where recruitment automation may be a good idea.

Time is money

The average salary of an HR specialist In Poland is 3895 PLN net ( With all the taxes, social security, and insurance payments, this specialist costs the employer 6500 PLN monthly. Polish workers work about 165 hours per month. Meaning, for an hour of an HR person's work, an employer pays 6500/165 = 40 PLN.

Poland's delivery service Let's Deliver has calculated that processing 625 CVs with HR Voicebot (instead of HR person) saved them 145 person-hours in 30 days.

It’s easy to calculate that 145 man-hours cost 145h * 40 PLN = 5800 PLN. Processing 1 CV by a person costs 5800 PLN / 625 CVs = 9.28 PLN.

How much is HR automation?

Processing 1 CV by Apifonica's HR Voicebot costs 2 to 5 PLN. The more CVs you process, the less is the cost per unit. Here's the Voicebot pricing as of August 2021

  • 200 CV - 999 PLN
  • 500 CV - 1999 PLN
  • 1000 CV - 2999 PLN
  • 2000 CV - 3999 PLN

Add a 1-time setup fee of 1999 PLN, and you'll get the idea of how much HR Voicebot costs.

Now, let's calculate the ROI for three companies with different amounts of CVs to process.

Numbers speak

Company A

Company A receives about 500 job applications per month or 6 000 per year.

To manually process these applications, company A would pay:
6 000 CVs * 9.28 PLN = 55 680 PLN.

Processing this amount of CVs with HR Voicebot would cost:
1 999 PLN setup fee + (1 999 PLN * 12 months) = 25 987 PLN

Company A’s savings: 55 680 PLN - 25 897 PLN = 29 693 PLN.
29 693 (company’s savings) / 25,897 (Vociebot costs) = 1.15, or 115% ROI.

Company B

Company B receives about 1 000 job applications per month or 12 000 per year.
Processing these CVs manually would cost:
12 000 CVs * 9.28 PLN = 111 360 PLN.

HR Voicebot with 1000 CVs / month pricing plan would cost:
1999 PLN setup fee + (2 999 PLN * 12) = 37 987 PLN.

Company B’s savings: 111 360 PLN - 37 987 PLN = 73 463 PLN.
73 463 (company’s savings) / 37,987 (Vociebot costs) = 1.93, or 193% ROI.

Company C

Company C receives about 2 000 job applications per month or 24 000 per year.
Processing these CVs manually would cost:
24 000 CVs * 9.28 PLN = 222 720 PLN.

HR Voicebot with 2000 CVs / month pricing plan would cost:
1999 PLN setup fee + (3 999 PLN * 12) = 49 987 PLN.

Company C’s savings: 222 720 PLN - 49 987 PLN = 172 733 PLN.
172 733 (company’s savings) / 49 987 (Vociebot costs) = 3.36, or 346% ROI.

It is easy to calculate that HR Vociebot will pay off in the first month of usage in all three cases.

What HR Voicebot actually does?

Apifonica's HR Voicebot calls candidates on the phone, explains job details, conducts a quick interview to make sure a candidate meets the basic job requirements (such as “work schedule flexibility” or “financial conditions”), collects answers, and provides reports to a recruiter. It can schedule interviews, too.

HR Voicebot is natively integrated with popular recruitment systems such as eRecruiter and Teamtailor. It integrates quickly with other HR software through Zapier. Data collected during the interview sync to these systems automatically, making it easy for recruiters to filter and prioritize candidates.

Here's what recruiters say about Apifonica's HR Vociebot:

The feedback we received from сandidates only confirmed our belief that it is worth using new recruitment tools that appear on the market. The most common reaction is a positive surprise with such a quick response.

Employer Branding & Recruitment Leader
at Decathlon, a sporting goods retailer

If you intend to reach the maximum number of candidates on the market in the shortest possible time without increasing the resources of the HR team, I can recommend this solution with a clear conscience.

Recruitment Manager at enel-med,
a Polish nationwide healthcare services provider

Voicebot helps us build a modern image of BGK as an employer, as an organization that implements solutions that are modern and user-friendly. Thanks to this tool, we reach candidates even more effectively, giving them the possibility of efficient and quick application.

Recruitment and Employer Branding expert at BGK,
a state development bank in Poland

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