Introducing Apifonica’s Zapier integration for the Voicebot

Anna Sopova

At Apifonica, we want to help companies make connecting with customers as efficiently as possible. We help to collect the data in minutes from thousands of leads. Now, we made the integration of our services seamless.

How does the Apifonica Zapier integration work?

Zapier is a well-known tool that partly shares values with Apifonica. We both want to provide our customers with automation and robust workflow so your employees can focus on what really matters.

Apifonica Zapier integration provides you with:

  1. An interface to select a lead-generation channel or marketing platform i.e Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and a campaign from which you will get your leads.
  2. Grant access for the app with 3 clicks
  3. Connect workflow to your CRM or Google Spreadsheet - Sell, hire or connect with your users without any hustle!

As you can see, in three simple steps you can use our services hassle-free.

Voicebot - Apifonica’s most popular service

The Zapier integration is so important because all of our products are dedicated to automate time-consuming tasks of HRn Customer Service and Marketing teams. Voicebot helps to eliminate repetitive tasks in the initial phase of;

  • data verification
  • data conversion
  • skill comparison

You still have the last word. The technology works as your private assistant making thousands of calls in a few minutes. So you can focus on activities that really matter.

What it looks like to use Apifonica Zapier integration in real life?

Let’s assume that it’s 9:00 am in the morning and today you start a huge HR campaign for the chain of drugstores. You need to hire 24 people for stores that will open next week. You’ll use your most-optimized set of campaigns, but this time you don’t want to spend 5 days on calling candidates and adding data to your CRM. It’s not surprising because hiring 24 people can require calls to 500 candidates.

That’s why you set up Apifonica Zapier integration in 15 minutes and you start your campaign around 9:15 am. Job seekers fill out the application form while you go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee.

HR Voicebot makes calls to candidates and collects information about their expectations when you grind your favorite beans. When you froth milk, all data is saved to CRM. Voila! You've made a delicious cup of coffee and 30 candidates are waiting for you on your computer, ready to start work from Monday.

Great job!

As easy as it sounds

Campaigns which goal is to hire, service or sell happen every day. Apifonica Zapier integration is here to help you use Voicebot in your campaigns. With just a few clicks, you can use our services as if you had full API-based integration. It minimizes the effort through the right use of technology. 

Save your and your teams time and use automation workflow like no other!

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