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Anna Sopova
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Numerous professional sports clubs and associations across Europe use Apifonica’s Fan engagement solution to impress their supporters. What makes it tick? Check what Denmark’s Odense Boldclub has to say.

Odense Boldclub (OB) plays in the Danish Superliga, the top professional football division in Denmark. In anticipation of the new season, they turned to Apifonica to design a supporter marketing campaign aimed to engage the fans and promote season ticket sales.

The club’s captain Janus Drachmann recorded a voice message thanking the fans for their support and encouraging them to purchase season tickets. With Apifonica’s fully automated solution, the message was delivered to every fan personally over a phone call. The campaign featured calling a list of phone numbers, answering return calls, and delivering an SMS.

By addressing each fan personally, OB aspired to provide a truly memorable and personalized engagement experience to their supporters.

”Odense Boldklub

The Danish football team, OB, used Apifonica’s service to increase the season tickets sale.

Through the service of Apifonica, the fans of the football club received a phone call from the team captain, who thanked them for the support in the previous season, told them that he looks forward to the upcoming season, and encouraged them to support the team by buying season tickets.

This gave fans a unique phone call from one of their local heroes, and it promoted the start of the new season.”

- Rasmus Nejstgaard, Digital Manager, Odense Boldclub

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