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Dutch SC Cambuur uses Apifonica to promote the start of the new season across their fanbase and support season ticket sales.

Henk de Jong called. Even though it was a recorded message, I got goosebumps,

a Cambuur fan writes on Twitter.

On that day, all the club’s supporters received a phone call from Henk de Jong, the Cambuur’s main coach. It was the Apifonica’s Fan Engagement solution that the club used to amaze their fans and thank them for their support. 

The campaign was targeted to the club’s season ticket holders, both the current and the former.  In a pre-recorded voice message, Henk de Jong announced the start of the season and invited fans to re-join the supporter legion. The feedback from the club’s supporters wasn’t long in coming. 

As a former season ticket holder, I got a call from (automatic) Henk de Jong suggesting that I should consider joining the supporter legion this season too. Great promotion,

tweeted another Cambuur fan.


The story about de Jong calling the fans was also picked up by the media.

Ruben Sijtsma, the club’s marketing and communications manager, says he expected some positive feedback on the campaign, but not on this scale.

It was all over social media, and all the supporters were talking about it. This is also because of how popular our main coach Henk de Jong is and how enthusiastic he was about communicating directly to the fans. He made it his own and came up with a personal story. I think that’s the key when you want to reach out to your most important stakeholders.

Ruben Sijtsma

SC Cambuur is currently playing in the Eerste Divisie, the second-highest tier of Dutch football.

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