Sports Alliance

Anna Sopova
Success stories

Sports Alliance, a Europe’s leading Supporter Marketing solution provider, enablesprofessional sport clubs to engage with the fans and deliver a memorable supporterexperience using Apifonica.

Since 2002, Sports Alliance provides a set of Supporter Relationship solutions toprofessional clubs in different sports, leagues, and territories. They currently manageover 25 mm direct supporter relationships on behalf of over 120 clubs in Europe. Byadding Apifonica’s Outbound IVR to their portfolio, Sports Alliance enables its clients toengage with the fans in a new and emotionally moving way.

With Outbound IVR, every fan may receive a personal phone call from the club’s starplayer announcing important news or promoting ticket sales. Used by multipleprofessional sport clubs in the EU and the UK, Apifonica-powered calling campaignsconsistently receive a positive response from the fans and drive notable buzz on socialmedia.

Outbound IVR is a fully automated phone outreach solution that dials a list of numbersand plays a pre-recorded message from the club’s star player. The solution may includeanswering return calls, delivering SMS with coupons or links, and capturing the fan’sresponse via call recording, speech recognition, or DTMF tones. Sports clubs leveragethe solution to share the news with their supporters, promote ticket or merch sales, anddeliver remarkable supporter experience.

“The supporter relationship is the basic cultural and commercial lifeblood for each andevery professional sports club”, cites the Sports Alliance’s website. “An enhancedsupporter experience is the single most compelling and unifying marketing objective.”Apifonica’s outbound IVR now complements a Sports Alliance’s set of tools, solutionsand services that help Clubs provide a first-class integrated supporter experience.

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