Api reference

With Apifonica API, you can add communication features to your applications and websites.

All requests to Apifonica API are authenticated with BasicAuth using your AccountSID and AuthToken. Your Apifonica AccountSID and AuthToken can be found here on your account page.

The Apifonica REST API gives you the following possibilities:


These group of requests is used to send messages (SMS, Telegram, Facebook), track message delivery statuses and view message history.


These requests are used to initiate voice calls, modify live calls, and view call history and details of specific calls.


The following actions can be performed using the Endpoint API (forwarding of the inbound calls on the static IP address)


The following actions can be performed using the Trunks API (outbound calls from static IP connection (SIP trunk)


These requests allow you view and update your account details.


These requests are used to organize a group of rented virtual landline/mobile numbers into pools


These functions are used to create, update and delete applications for managing voice calls.


These requests are used to get call recordings list and view details of the specific recording.

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