Configuring Zoiper to make a SIP call using Apifonica

This article describes how you can use APIFONICA API to obtain a phone number and initiate a voice call by the example of ZoiPer — a free VoIP SIP softphone dialer.

Step 1. Prerequisites

1. Register at and create your Apifonica account.

2. Top up the balance.

3. In your personal account, find your Apifonica AccountSID and password (AuthToken) under “API ACCESS” tab.

4. Rent an Apifonica voice phone number to be used for calling:

5. Change the default mode and the default password of the rented number:

  • Using personal account: You can set that in the properties of the rented number.

  • Using Console: make the PUT request to /accounts/{accountSID}/numbers/{numberSID} (Change number properties)
curl –X PUT ‘{accountSID}/numbers/{numberSID}’ \
-H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \
-d ‘{ \
"sip_password":"qwerty12345", \
"mode":"sip_phone" \
}’ \
-u {accountSID}:{authToken}

Response example

  "status_code": 200,
  "status_message": "OK",
  "uri": "/accounts/{accountSID}/numbers/{numberSID}"

Step 2

Download the ZoiPer softphone application at the following URL and install it on your smartphone.

Note You can also use any softphone application of your choice.

Step 3

Open the Zoiper application on your smartphone and specify SIP number/password and VoIP server address.

To do this:

  1. On your smartphone, open the Zoiper application and click Settings.
  2. Click Accounts, then Add Account, then Do you already have an account (username and password) - YES, then Account setup - Manual configuration
  3. In the account type selection dialog, select SIP. The SIP account registration window is displayed.
  4. In the Account Name parameter type the name (f.e. Apifonica).
  5. In the Host parameter, type
  6. In the User name parameter, type the voice number you have purchased in paragraph 4 of the Step 1.
  7. In the Password parameter, type the password for this number that you have set in paragraph 5 of the Step 1.

  8. In the Audio codec settings parameter, check uLow (PCMU) and aLow (PCMA) codecs to ensure the call goes through.
  9. Click Save. The new SIP account is created and registered.

Step 4

On your smartphone open the dialpad of the ZoiPer application and make a call.

Please note, that phone numbers should be formatted with a country code, no plus sign!

Important! You will be charged for the calls in accordance with the tariffs.

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