Use Apifonica to enhance your CRM with Voice and Messaging functionality

Whether calling or messaging, manage all customer communications within your CRM system using Apifonica’s CRM solution

Values of CRM integrations

A complete overview of your customer interactions

Track and create recordings of your entire customer communications, store recordings for easy access and analysis to discover potential potential customer service improvements

Smart Call Forwarding

End business lost due to miscommunication or delayed response to your customers. Automatically handle all the incoming leads and forward them to the right people as well as make calls from within the CRM

Full customisation

Apifonica’s full custom nature ensures our telecom and messaging features fit your CRM perfectly. We provide 24/7 support to ensure you receive the best solution for your unique CRM requirements

Feature-rich telephony and messaging

CRM Telephony

Make and answer phone calls direct from your CRM software

CRM Messaging

Send and receive messages via SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Telegram

Calling and Messaging Campaigns

Create personalised Outbound IVR or Messaging campaigns to reach customers with relevant info or company news

Customisable workflows

Define inbound call distribution between managers. With broad filtering, incoming calls can be distributed based on time of call, customer query or other parameters so your customers always reach the right contact no matter what number they call

Personalised reports

Create personalised reports for full overview of your customer service performance

Worldwide Phone Numbers

Connect with customers wherever they are and use their local number code to do so. Customers will be more confident to answer if a local phone extension is used

Features of Cloud Telephony and Multi-Channel Messaging

Two-Way SMS

Encourage engagement with your business by running polls and competitions, receive and track customer texts and send auto responses using 1 API

SMS Campaigns

SMS is a unique comms form that works across all devices with no extra software, making it a strong, under-utilised marketing channel. Proper integration of SMS into your marketing strategy will further unify your customer comms and boost ROI

Call-Triggered CRM Actions

Our company tackled the impossibility to completely control and log the human factor. This issue was resolved by a simple CRM automatic function

Message-Triggered CRM Actions

Certain comms functions are tricky or tiresome for human agents to maintain. Automated trigger scripts ensure total, tireless responsiveness to all channels at all times

Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text

Our advanced systems uses leading intelligence to assign its own tools to your tasks such as text-to-speech and speech-to-text, saving your human agents even more time for the tasks that matter

Messaging Over Popular Social Channels

Enable chat over top social messaging apps directly via CRM, helpdesk or contact centre software

Cross-Channel Messaging Workflows

We customise your company’s own multi-messaging systems used for internal communications, customer verification or more

Call Tracking

Seller phone numbers are replaced by virtual phone numbers so data including date and time, call parties, completion, duration, cost and more can be logged

CallBack Widget

Prompt site viewers to request calls from your operator. They enter their number, Apifonica calls an operator, then calls a lead and connects the parties. The lead’s phone will ring seconds after the request is made

Built-in Call Recording

Record and store all phone conversations, convert them using Speech-To-Text for quick searches and easy management

Four reasons to choose Apifonica


We provide company-owned communication nodes and an in-house development team

Good rates

Starting from as low as €0.002 per minute, €0.01 per SMS and €0.9 per number

Best support

We are always around to help make your business most innovative with our services

Full GDPR compliance

Apifonica has fully implemented the EU's General Data Protection Regulations

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